Followed by the dark side

My name is Amy Deamps and this is the story of how I was being followed by the dark side (sorry of there are spelling and grammar mistakes English is not my native language)


3. Lord Voldemort

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"I accept your apologize" he said "and besides I live here"

"You what?" I whispered. Then I understood everything he was always watching me at school so then he will tell his father all about me. But why me?. Anger filled my body if it hadn't been for him I wouldn't be here. I snatched his stick from his hand if he was able to use it then me too.

"Stupefy!" I shouted pointing the stick at Draco. He fell to the floor unconscious. I ran to the principal door I was still holding the stick in case someone would try to stop me.

"Expelliarmus!" Someone shouted behind me

The stick flew out of my hand. I turned and saw a bald man with pale face and no nose behind me.

"Amy Deamps" he said. His voice sent a shiver to my back. "I see that you're awake". He saw Draco laying on the floor unconscious."ah , I see that you and Draco had a duel"

"What do you want from me , what have I done?"

He laughed."you're a witch and a very powerful, that stick that was in your hand was a wand and If you are able to use it that means that you're one"

I was in shock. I can't be a witch it is true that weird thing happen when I'm angry or sad but it was just a coincidence.

"no it can't be, witches and wizards aren't real is just a story that grown ups tell to the children! Please just let me go!!!!"

"If you want to gain your liberty then you have to give me something in exchange"

I gulped something was telling me that it will be bad for me and good for him and maybe bad for the rest of the world.

"What do you want?" I asked calmly

He looked satisfied with himself. "If you want to gain your liberty you must become a Death Eater , one of my followers" he made a little pause "you will have lots of power, with you the world will be simply ours"

"NO I won't, no matter if I spend the rest of my life here I won't hurt innocent people just for my liberty!" I picked the wand from the floor and shouted "STUPEFY!", with just one movement of his wand the bald man stopped the light from hitting him.

"This won't work with me girl!, I know more than you!" He blurted . "I will give you one more opportunity do you take it or not?"

It seem like this was the end of my life I don't have another option, fear was filling me and I was shaking.he was looking at me with his two cold eyes his wand pointing at me what he will do with me I didn't know. I felt sick I felt like if I was going to collapse at any moment. Then I realized that I can't be like this forever I have to answer him and better if I do it quickly.

"I-I yes" responded

An evil smile appeared in the pale face. "Very well , but first you will have to do something for me if you want to be a death eater"

" and what is it?"

"I assume that you already receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter"

Hogwarts? What's that? I haven't receive a letter

"No" I answered

"That's very weird I will see what I can do ,when you receive your letter I will tell you what you have to do there"

I was scared what if Hogwarts was a school for Death Eaters? what if he was the teacher?

" and how will you be able to know if I have my letter or not?"

"Draco will be watching you while you are at school , if you receive your letter you will tell him immediately , while you're at school he will be your closest friend"

"Yes, I will" I answered but I was still not sure of what I was doing

"Now we will take you home" he said then he put one pale hand on my shoulder and then I was in front of my house.

"Who are you?" I asked to him

"Lord Voldemort" he answered and then he disappeared. I sighed in relief I was glad that it was finally over not completely but just for now.

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