Followed by the dark side

My name is Amy Deamps and this is the story of how I was being followed by the dark side (sorry of there are spelling and grammar mistakes English is not my native language)


1. kidnapped

Grey clouds were covering the sky, the leaves of the trees were shaking because of the cold air. I was shivering so I took out my coat and put it on but I was still shivering. I was on my way back from school when suddenly,I heard footsteps behind me.I turned around to see if someone was following me but the street was empty. I began to walk faster my brown hair was floating behind me and I still could hear the footsteps. I stopped walking.

"Who's there?" I shouted

A tall man with black robes and white blonde hair appeared in front of me. He studied me with his grey eyes.

"Amy Deamps, the Dark Lord will be happy to see you"

"T-to see me?" I asked

"Come with me , the Dark Lord wish to see you"

I began to walked backwards I didn't want to be near this man but the thing that was scaring me the most was to meet the Dark Lord.

"No!" I shouted "I won't come with you".

A woman with wild black hair and pale skin appeared out of nowhere

"A brave girl we have here" she sniggered

"Leave me alone!" I cried and at the same time I grabbed a rock from the ground and threw it to the blonde man he took out a stick and stopped the rock from hitting him. Then he grabbed my arm.

"Get off me now!" I tried to kick him but it didn't work.

"Stupefy!" I heard the woman's voice and then everything turned black.

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