It's amazing, the lies you can tell yourself. Even more amazing, the lies you can believe when you're desperate enough.


3. Chapter Two

*Flashback: 10 months ago*

         My father is nothing short of a monster. A monster! A fugitive, a criminal, a murderer, whatever you want to call him. He dragged me into the kitchen by my wrist, the wrist that he would later cut, and pulled out a bread knife. He killed my mom right in front of my eyes! Then he hurt me. He said he wanted my death to be slow and painful. He cut my wrist. He cut deep into my neck. He's the reason I'm suicidal now.

         He was just about to finish me off, when my friend walked by my house and looked into the window to say hi. What she saw instead was my father, the monster! Luckily, she had her phone with her. She called 911, but right after she explained the emergency, my criminal father knocked the phone right out of her hand! He wanted to kill her, too! I was sure of it! He swears that when he gets out of jail, he's going to kill us both. We're not safe. I have to run away where he'll never find me, and take her with me.


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