It's amazing, the lies you can tell yourself. Even more amazing, the lies you can believe when you're desperate enough.


2. Chapter One


I wake up screaming, with my face shoved into my pillow. Another nightmare. Well actually, a repeat of the same nightmare. I have it at least once every night. What is it, you ask? It’s my father, pulling the bread knife from the butcher’s block in the kitchen and hacking my mother to pieces with it. I see the images in my head, hear the screams in my mind late at night.

    I roll out of my bed and stand up, shuffling my way over to the light switch. I flip the switch and immediately cover my eyes, blinded by the sudden light. Blinking rapidly, I make my way over to my huge walk-in closet. Now, you may be thinking, ‘I want a huge walk-in closet!’ but I hate it. I hate it because a) I’m claustrophobic as heck, and b) It’s just a sympathy gift from my foster parents, who I was given to nine months ago today. Ten months ago today, however, is the day I see and hear constantly. The day everything changed. The day my father murdered my mother, and tried to murder me.

    AUTHORS NOTE Hey so I know it's short but that's how this book is supposed to go so yeah. LoveYaGuys.

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