"I wasn't asking about you." I screamed at him.
"oh yeah, not what I heard."
"well trust me, I wouldn't make my life revolve around some stupid, arrogant, manwhore anyways." I felt the rage inside of me with that last sentence.
I walked away with my head held high, no regrets, nothing. It felt like a ton of brick had been lifted off my shoulders, I had relief from him.
He ran up and grabbed my arm tightly, I tried to jerk away but his grip only got tighter. "Let go of me I'm going home!" "No you're not!" and with that, everything went black.

This story contains racing, drinking, drugs, and alcohol. Other celebrities and Justin's friends will be featured. This story is full of twists and turns that you won't see coming.


3. Chapter 2

    I didn't know this Justin kid personally but by my first two incounters I could tell he was the trouble kind. 

   We began walking towards the house when a girl requested that we put our keys in the bowl she was holding filled with hundreds of other keys. She said it was so no one dove home drunk, but I said I kept them at home. I knew it wasn't best to lie but these were my keys. I didn't even have my car so I couldn't drive home. 

    We walked into the house and it was filled with teens and some college kids, bouncing to te music, making out, drinking or smoking. We walked through the living room through the dinning room and into the kitchen. There stood a tall muscular boy, probably a little older than me, maybe 18. He had dark messy hair, but eyes that were as blue as the sky on a clear day. He turned and looked at us, mostly Brandy.

   "What can I get you girls?" he smiled, all perfectly, straight white teeth.

   "I'll have a cosmo, thanks Mac." Brandy said walking over to him, watching him prep the drinks.

   "I'll have a vodka tonic." Anna said, "Make that two." Beth gave the Mac kid a flirty smile, Brandy exchanged a death glare that would have killed Beth then and there. Mac kept his head down and finished making the drinks. He handed Anna and Beth theirs and they left for the living room, Brandy on the other hand couldn't keep her hands off of Mac.

  "And what can I get you little lady?" He was looking at me with a smile. Brandy gave me a look, not as bad as Beth's but it clearly stated that Mac was off limits.

    "Beers fine." he looked shocked. He walked over to the fridge popped the top off and handed me the glass. Brandy and Mac left the kitchen. I stayed there and rested against the kitchen counter alone, taking in all the chaos and cheering from the living room. Alt- J Fitzpleasure was playing. I walked over to tthe hallway, the curiousity was getting to me. Instead of walking out towards the living room to my left, I walked to the right down the dark hallway. I made a sharp right turn and began looking at the photos on the wall. Family photos. Sports photos. I walked to the door at the end of the hallway and put my hand on the handle. Go in? I took my hand off and hit my thigh. What the hell, why not? I opened the door and saw blackness, I walked in and began searching for the light. I flipped the switch on and that's when someone slammed the door shut.

    The light was dim but I could tell exactly who it was. "Why the hell are you in here?" he snapped at me, not yelling but sternly.

   I began backing up as he started walking towards me. I ran into what felt like a dresser. I dropped my beer. He got close to my face. I could smell the alcohol on his skin, in his breathe. He was wearing a black v-neck, black sagging skinny jeans, gold supras, and a black snapback that he wore backwards showing just a little of his hair.

    He got close to me. "I asked what you are doing in here.?"

I couldn't find my words. There was nothing there.

   "Are you not going to tell me?" he squinted his eyes at me. I felt overpowered. No this was not going to happen again, I stood up straight, put my chin up, he back up a little shocked by my gestures.

   "I'm in here because I was walking down the hallway," anger rose in his face. "And I was looking for a bathroom."

    The anger left and a smirk grew on his face. "You're new aren't you." He rested his right hand on the dresser making me blocked on one side.

    "Yes I am." I kept my eyes locked on his. He looked me up and down, I could only imagine the things he was thinking. Why did I come? Why did I have to wear this dress? He licked his lips.

     "I like your dress." he looked back into my eyes.

     "Thank you, I borrowed it fr-

    "It looks good on you." he paused and laughed at himself. "A lot of stuff looks good on you. For example, that dress." he pointed with his other hand, "You're shoes." he looked down as he pointed. "Me." he looked back up at me with a smirk. Next thing I knew my hand was burning and was holding his cheek.

    He looked up at me, "You bitch."





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