"I wasn't asking about you." I screamed at him.
"oh yeah, not what I heard."
"well trust me, I wouldn't make my life revolve around some stupid, arrogant, manwhore anyways." I felt the rage inside of me with that last sentence.
I walked away with my head held high, no regrets, nothing. It felt like a ton of brick had been lifted off my shoulders, I had relief from him.
He ran up and grabbed my arm tightly, I tried to jerk away but his grip only got tighter. "Let go of me I'm going home!" "No you're not!" and with that, everything went black.

This story contains racing, drinking, drugs, and alcohol. Other celebrities and Justin's friends will be featured. This story is full of twists and turns that you won't see coming.


15. Chapter 14

   After dinner I zoomed back upstairs to my phone. I hadn't responded to Justin yet, nor did Brandy respond to me. Tomorrow was Sunday. It was a pretty easy day for my grandma and I, we went to church then grocery shopping. After that we did laundry while watching movies that my grandma loved. That consisted of older movies, but they were still good.

  Monday rolled around. I wore a red skater skirt, white lace tank top with a jean jacket to cover it. I wore black socks/tights that went right above my knees, and wore black boots to finish it off. I wanted to look bold for Brandy, and flawless for Justin. Even though I didn't want to show him attention verbally, I was going to tease doubt.

   My spot was open when I got to school, I walked into my first class. For once I wasn't late but Mr. Bieber was, go figure. He sat behind me, doing little things trying to get my attention but I ignored him, driving him mad. I could feel his frustration while his eyes burned holes into the back of my head. The bell rang and I took my time moving onto my next class. I stopped by my locker when Justin put his hand in the way of my shutting my locker.

   "You know..." he began licking his lips, "that outfit is criminal."

I sarcastically chuckled, "That's great. But I don't assoicaite myself with people like..."

   "Like what?" his eyes had a sparkled, he was testing me, seeing what I could come up with.

I saw by the corner of my eye that my girls were watching, seeing what I was going to do. Brandy looked disgusted but interested.

    "NO JUSTIN BIEBER!" I yelled getting everyone to stop in the hallway, "I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU!" 

   Everyone's mouth dropped, there were a couple whistles. I brought my face closer to him so only he could hear me.

"Now, if you don't mind, I need to get to class." I shut the locker door.

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