"I wasn't asking about you." I screamed at him.
"oh yeah, not what I heard."
"well trust me, I wouldn't make my life revolve around some stupid, arrogant, manwhore anyways." I felt the rage inside of me with that last sentence.
I walked away with my head held high, no regrets, nothing. It felt like a ton of brick had been lifted off my shoulders, I had relief from him.
He ran up and grabbed my arm tightly, I tried to jerk away but his grip only got tighter. "Let go of me I'm going home!" "No you're not!" and with that, everything went black.

This story contains racing, drinking, drugs, and alcohol. Other celebrities and Justin's friends will be featured. This story is full of twists and turns that you won't see coming.


13. Chapter 12

   My grandma was already asleep in her room. I gave her a kiss on her forehead then went to my room. I slipped on my tank top and short shorts. I laid on my bed and just sat on my bed replaying the day in my head. Everything from school, to when Justin brought me to his house, to finding out he does illegal activity, the race, and then having a date...when the thought of the date popped into my head I smiled. Justin wasn't bad looking, he had caramel eyes, and a smile that just makes you melt. His hair was always brushed to the front the gelled up. He was honestly flawless. No matter how much I want to fight thinking this, no matter how much I remember all the bad things he has done I want to like him. I want to think the best of him. My heart literally feels torn.


    The next morning was Saturday and I rolled over to my clock reading 10:30 a.m. I jumped out of bed and went into the shower. I let the water runs over my body as I soaked in the feeling that Justin would be here in a hour and a half. Or maybe he wouldn't show up, he never would. No Sam, think positive. I washed my hair then got out of the shower. I blowed dried my hair then let it's natural curl do it's thing down my back. I applied simple make up, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. I went down stairs and ate a quick breakfast. My grandma worked at a flower shop 6 days a week, one of those being Saturday, so usually I would sit and watch Netflix. I ran back upstairs to change clothes. The clock read 11:45. I slipped on highwaisted, acid wash shorts, a white "boyfriend" v-neck, and my black slip on vans. I was tall and skinny so my clothes always looked a little bigger. I ran downstairs. Clicked the home button on my phone- 11:59. As soon as the clock on my phone switched to noon there was a knock at the front door.

    He was wearing a white shirt and black skinny jeans. His shoes were all black and went to his ankles. (Supras) He wore two gold chains and a black snap back.His shirt revealed tattoos on his arm. I looked at them all, traveling up his arm until I met his eyes.

 "You look lovely Sam." he grew a natural smile.

"Thank you Mr. Bieber. And what are the plans for today?"I took his hand as he helped me out the door.

  "Now that Miss. Sam I can't tell you. It is simply a surprise." he glanced back and smiled as I finished locking the door.

We hopped into a black Range Rover.

  "I like your car." I broke the silence

"Ohh honey, I have way more at home and the garage." he drove with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the center consul.

We pulled into a old drive in

"Justin this place looks old. Like as in not working anymore."

He honked the horn twice and a movie began playing on the screen, it was A Walk To Remember. He pulled out Sour Patch Kids from the consul. It was 2:30 when the movie was over and we exited and went to a cafe. 

"So tell me Sam..." he looked at me as we waited for our food to come.

"Tell you what?" I knew what he was referring to, but I didn't want to just hop into it.

"Your story...about you."

I was going to play around.

"Well, dad dead, mom jail, I live here with my grandma who works at the flowershop 6 days a week." I smiled knowing he wanted more than just that. Everyone knew my story, at least that much. Stories travel fast in this small town.

  "You know what I mean...I mean I'm sorry about your father and mother-

"I'm not." I cut him off, he looked shocked. I knew he would, someone not feeling bad their dad was dead and mother is in jail.

"Is it a touchy subject?"

   "Put it this way, I was home one day, my mom was cooking downstairs. She told me dad was working late. I had a bad feeling. I was upstairs when police lights appeared outside our house. This was a few months ago...ok? Are you keeping up so far?" he nodded confirming. "Put the pieces mom said dad would be home late and I see my mom leaving the house in handcuffs." I took a sip from my water.

    "Ok, that's where I'm lost."

"My mom always had bruises appearing on her, myself too. I think she was done, done with the abuse from him. She snapped." Justin's face completely dropped, "Later I find out my mom killed him and now I live here with my grandma while my mom is in jail and dad is in hell."

   Justin reached for my hand and looked deep inside my eyes, "I'm sorry. If I knew-

"If you knew, we wouldn't be here like this." he smiled. "Now, don't think that makes me okay with everything that happened Mr. Bieber, you still have to work to get on good terms with me. And this little date doesn't count."

    He smirked, "We're on a date?"

I took my hands back, and our food arrived. "Umm, this food looks great, lets eat." he was cracking up, and I felt awkward, relieved, and kind of sort of happy in a way.






told you there was a MAJOR plot twist

if you didn't understand, I'll re-explain::

her mother killed her father b/c she was tired of the abuse

now Sam didn't say if it was sexual, she only talked about bruises...


what did you think about that twist??

I couldn't wait to reveal it



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