"I wasn't asking about you." I screamed at him.
"oh yeah, not what I heard."
"well trust me, I wouldn't make my life revolve around some stupid, arrogant, manwhore anyways." I felt the rage inside of me with that last sentence.
I walked away with my head held high, no regrets, nothing. It felt like a ton of brick had been lifted off my shoulders, I had relief from him.
He ran up and grabbed my arm tightly, I tried to jerk away but his grip only got tighter. "Let go of me I'm going home!" "No you're not!" and with that, everything went black.

This story contains racing, drinking, drugs, and alcohol. Other celebrities and Justin's friends will be featured. This story is full of twists and turns that you won't see coming.


11. Chapter 10

   I looked back at Ryan completely wide eyed.

"But what if-

"He won't lose." Ryan said growing a smirk on his face. I turned my head back, I believed Ryan considering the lead Justin had, but I always had doubt, always. Considering what I've been through.


   Justin and the guy in the Camaro were making it around the third turn when Justin let off the gas and let the other guy pass him.

  "Ryan! What is he doing?!? He's going to lose!" I was hitting Ryan for attention, but Ryan only watched, never taking his eyes off of the track. He lifted his hand and pointed at Justin's car and simply said, "Watch." I turned my head and Justin hit the gas, before we knew it he caught up to the orange Camaro and passed him into the finish line. Ryan hopped over the small wall separating the track and the audience. He grabbed my hips, looked me in the eyes, "I told you." He ran over to Justin and helped him out of the car. People were surrounding Justin and his car celebrating what had just happened. I remained leaning against the small wall until they came back. 

   After a while the crowd made its way back to their own cars and onto a different location. Justin hopped in his car with Ryan in the passenger seat. He turned the car around to pick me up. Ryan hopped out and let me into the back seat.

"Awh, such a ladies man." Justin said looking at us. I scoffed and Ryan just sat back in his seat.

    We pulled up to the Mercedes that Ryan was driving, Ryan hopped out and puleld the seat forward for me.

   "Sam you can ride with Ryan or me, up to you." Justin said, his hand on the passenger seat head rest looking up at us.I sat back into his car. I didn't know if this was the right choice but I wanted to settle some things before the week began again at school. 

    I puleed the door shut and watched Ryan drive away. Justin drove fast and a little wild, but it felt good. In a strange way, I like driving fast, I always had. No, that is not how my father died, and no that's not how my mother went to jail, in fact-

    "So, why did you pick to ride home with me? I mean come on, I have been a dick to you." Justin caught me off from zoning out.

   "I had some things I wanted to talk about. Considering we have school Monday and we both skipped detention." he scoffed. "Excuse me? But I actually kind of care how this school sees me, looks like you don't considering the teachers know you SUPER well."

    He slammed on the brakes and pulled the car over to the side of the road. It was dark and I had no idea where the hell I was. I used my elbow to lock the door.

  "Well, Miss Goodie Two Shoes, but I don't want to talk, not about school, about the race, nothing." he was leaning forward. He grabbed my hip with one hand, and turned the car off with the other.I pushed him off, he pulled me back in. He brought his mouth to my ear, "Come on Sammie, you know you want to."

   "NO! I don't!" I yelled, but he was making me weak, I knew it was Justin, but I got defensive. "Stop dad! NO!" he stopped but I didn't, I hit him in the face.

   He was holding his face, "Sam what the hell?"

I snapped back to reality, it was Justin I just hit.

   "I'm getting used to your hit." he let his face go. "What the hell was that about?"

I faced the front and crossed my legs and arms across my chest. "Nothing." I sat like a little girl who just got here toy stolen.

  "I'm not driving until you tell me." he put his hand back on my head rest.

"Fine. I'll walk."

    "No. You, won't"

"You want to test me?" I was stubborn, so was he, but I know he'll bow down, he will give up first.

I had butterflies, not the good kind. The kind that are dead and sink your stomach and make you wish nothing was happening. I felt his eyes burning the side of my head. He finally started the car and began to drive.

"You will tell me. Maybe not today, or tomorrow. But you will. You'll see."



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