Avengers FF, Two girls from Asgard are sent to Midgard(Earth) to help the Avengers apprehend Loki. What's so special about the twins? Other than the fact they were on Asgard, of course.


2. Chapter Two

Fanndis' POV

I awoke to the sound of my sister's light footsteps leaving our room. I shake my head, platinum blonde hair falling in my face, and walk out, knowing she'd fall asleep with Heimdall.

I arrive at the BiFrost just in time to see the sunrise over the edge of the falls. I smile and carry my younger twin to the center, far from the dangerous edge.

Saldis and I are fraternal twins. We are complete opposites. She has raven hair with green eyes, whilst I have platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.I wait for Heimdall to return, thinking of our mission.

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