Avengers FF, Two girls from Asgard are sent to Midgard(Earth) to help the Avengers apprehend Loki. What's so special about the twins? Other than the fact they were on Asgard, of course.


1. Chapter One

I walk out of the doors of the palace on Asgard and go out to the BiFrost. "Miss Saldis, you should not be out here. You should be resting for tomorrow."

"I'm not tired, Heimdall." He chuckles. "What can you see?"

"Everything, child."

"May I watch with you?"

"As you wish." I nod and sit on the edge of the BiFrost, kicking my long, pale legs back and forth. "Your sister would not be very happy if she saw you sitting there, Saldis."

"Exactly why I do it, old friend." The dark-skinned giant smirks at my antics.

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