Living with the Gods

Sally Jackson, a lovely woman, died when Lord Zeus Ruler of the Skies shot his lightning bolt at her. Poseidon and Hades are now working together to make their children powerful. But a new god joins them. What if the Titans came back from Tartarus? Find out how the children of the big three trains and defeats them.


1. Living with the Gods

Sally's POV

I was in my small apartment, reading a book by Mark Twain.

"Sally." A voice called. I looked up and saw a pair of beautiful sea-green eyes. " P-Poseidon." I said with shock in my voice, "What are you doing here? Isn't Zeus gonna blast you to bits if he finds out that you're here?"

Poseidon chuckled. "My dear, I don't really care what Zeus says. I just wanted to visit the baby." I smiled and got up.

"Come here, he's asleep." I walked over to a nearby door and opened it. Inside, a small crib was standing. A sleeping baby boy was snoring loudly. I looked at Poseidon.

He was staring at our baby boy, Perseus. "He's beautiful. What's his name?" I replied, "His name is Perseus." Poseidon chuckled. "Just like my late nephew." Poseidon looked at me. "Could I?"  I nodded. "He's your baby too, right?" Poseidon grinned and picked up Perseus. His eyes fluttered open, showing his shiny sea-green eyes.

"Duh- Dah." He squeled. Poseidon smiled proudly at him. "Yes, Perseus. Da-da." Just then, a lightning bolt came in an open window. "AH!" I screamed. I fell, shaking. Poseidon's eyes widened and put down Perseus. "SALLY!" He yelled and got down beside me. I touched his cheek. "T-t-take care of P-Perseus."

Poseidon's POV

My eyes widened when Sally collasped.

"SALLY!" I yelled and got down beside her. She touched my cheek and said. "T-t-take care of P-Perseus." She then let of my cheek and took her last breath. I got angry and glared at the sky. "CURSE YOU, ZEUS!" Thunder rumbled. I looked at Perseus who was crying on his crib. I picked him up and hugged him.

"Don't worry, Perseus. I will take care of you from now on." But before I could flash out, a dark shadow formed.

"Hades." I muttered and a man with all black clothes and pale skin appeared. "Brother. I am sorry for your loss. I swear in the styx that Sally will go to Elysium" I glared at him.

"Why do you care?" Hades sighed. "I had the same problem. Zeus killed Maria." I frowned. "Now I know how you feel." Hades sadly nodded.

"I have an idea. Let us keep our sons away from Zeus' hands." I smiled at the idea. "Yes. A very good idea brother. We should also train our sons to become powerful heroes." Hades surprisingly smiled.

"I will get my children from the Lotus Casino. We should bring them to your domain. The children will be scared with my domain, anyways." I nodded and got Percy.

"Good luck brother."

-5 years later-

Triton's POV

I was happy to have a little brother like Percy. He looks up to me like I'm his idol.

But I'm still furious about dad cheating on my mom.

"Triton? When is Nico coming here?" I chuckled. "He will arrive at about....Now." At that, a dark light appeared right in front of us. Standing there was Bianca, Nico and Uncle H. Percy smiled and hugged Nico and Bianca. (AN: Let's just say that Nico is 2 years younger than Percy and Bianca is 1 year younger. So Percy is 5 years old while Bianca is 4 years old and Nico is 3 years old.) "Hey Uncle H. How's it going down there?" Hades smiled. (I still can't get used to that) "It's good Trite. I will leave now. I'll pick them up in about 3 months."

With that, he flashed away. "Triton! We wanna train!" Bianca said loudly. I chuckled. "Ok guys. I have to get something from the kitchen. Get your weapons and start warming up. Before I come back, you all need to be in your armour, kapeesh?" They nodded. "Kapeesh." I smiled and went out of the training room.

-5 years earlier-

Zeus' POV

"HERA! WHAT IN THE NAME OF HADES' UNDERWEAR ARE YOU DOING?!?" I yelled angrily at my wife who had my master bolt.

"It's the order of the fates. I had to kill Poseidon's lover." My eyes were wide open. Poseidon will kill me (well he can't cuz I'm immortal and all, but whatever).

Poseidon flashed in beside me. "Zeus. Explain to me why you killed Sally! NOW!" He shouted with anger. Somewhere in New Zealand, an earthquake was rising.

I put up my hand. "Peace brother. I did not do such a thing." He glared at me. "Oh yeah? Then tell me why a lightning bolt striked Sally.. Dead."

I sighed. "It was Hera." He rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah. Sure." Hera a stepped forward. "Y-yes. He's right, Poseidon. I did it. It is for a very good reason." Poseidon looked surprised. "Why did you do it, Hera?" Hera sighed. "It was the order of the fates. It's in the new great prophecy."

Poseidon's eyes were wide open. "You mean, my son is in a great prophecy?" Hera nodded and gave my bolt back to me. "I'm sorry brother." I told Poseidon.

I turned to Hera. "Leave us alone for a moment." Hera nodded and exited the throne room. I looked at Poseidon. "Brother, I heard the prophecy. It said that the three children of the big three will go on a very dangerous quest for a very powerful weapon." Poseidon looked at me.

"I'm sorry for blaming you, brother." I managed a weak smile, then an idea came to me. "I have an idea. Let us train our children and protect them from Hades." Poseidon shook his head. "Sorry Zeus. Hades and I are already training our children together."

My eyes went wide. "What?" A dark shadow covered the room. I glared at the darkest spot. "Hades. What are you doing here?" A dark figure came out of the shadows. "I overheard you talking. Poseidon is right. We are already training our children together. But you could join us if you want. I forgive you for killing Maria. She is happy in Elysium, which makes me happy."

Poseidon snickered. "When did you become the lovesick type?" Hades playfully punched him. I smiled.

"So let us work together to make our children powerful?"  Both of them nodded. "Ok, I'll bring my daughter, Thalia here." I flashed out and went to a small clean house.

"Sarah?" I called. A beautiful woman appeared in a nearby doorway, with a 4 year old daughter in her arms. "Zeus?" I nodded. "I need to bring Thalia to Olympus."

Sarah glared at me. "Finally! I don't wanna be left alone with that little witch running around. Get lost." I sighed and flashed out with Thalia with me.

I saw Poseidon and Hades playing a game of 'Go-Fish'. Poseidon scratched his chin. "Do you have a six?" Hades shook his head. "Go fish." Poseidon groaned and got another card from the pile. "Uh, what are you guys doing?" I asked putting a hyper Thalia down.

Poseidon and Hades both glared at me. "Can't you see we're playing Go-Fish? Oh and Hades, It's your turn." Hades nodded. "Do you have a Joker?" Poseidon groaned louder than before and gave a grinning Hades the jocker card.

"I am so unlucky today. Curse you Tyche!"  Just then, three children and a twenty-five year old woman came out of the hearth. "Yay! Auntie Hestia has an x-box 360 in there!" Hestia chuckled. "Yes. Next time, I'll show you my mini Jacuzzi that your father made." Percy grinned and ran over to me. "You smell like diaper. P.U!" He said covering his nose. Poseidon smiled while Hades was rolling on the floor, laughing. I glared at the boy, but smiled. I'm gonna grow older with these children around.

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