Without the Mist

Find out how Mortals react to our favourite demigods!


1. Son of the Sea?


Me: Apollo, Disclaimer.. Now.

Apollo: Yes sir! er, ma'am.

Me: -rolls eyes-

Apollo: She doesn't own me,

the very awesome sun god,

I am very hot! -bows-

Me: Oookay.. Uncle Rick and Mrs JK Rowling owns the characters.. I only own the plot..

Chapter 1: The super awesome school day.

Percy's POV

I was on my way to my school, Goode High. Until a hellhound appeared out of Zeus knows where. Screams from students in Goode was heard, teachers dialling 911 and Jocks recording the whole thing.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed riptide. It grew 3-feet in my hand and, "AHH!" I gave out a loud battle cry. RAAWWRR It lunged at me but I side stepped and sliced the side of it. It looked at me and lunged again.

This time, I stabbed it on the head. It disappeared into golden dust. I rubbed my cheek and capped riptide. I grabbed my backpack and took a square of ambrosia. I munched it while going to the front doors of Goode.

Jacob's POV (mortal)

My jaw dropped. I looked over to my buddies and saw their jaws dropped too. I was surprised to see Percy Loser Jackson, killing a huge dog! What did they call it..Hellhound! Yeah! Hellhound.

Yesterday I heard that the Greek Gods still exists and roams around the country. My dad says that if it's the right time, we were gonna hunt down these so called 'gods' and destroy them. Also, the so called 'demigods'.

"W-what. H-how..Wha?" My best friend, Derrick said...asked? I was the first one to recover with the 'shocked by Percy'.

I glared at my buddies. "Guys! Snap out of it," I yelled at them,"He's one of those hybrids! We should kill him!" I grabbed the nearest rock and started walking to Jackson.

"Hey Jackson!" I called. He turned to me and groaned.

"What is it now Morgan?"

I smirked. "I know you're one of those Hybrids that are called demigods." He glared and sighed. "Fine, you got me." He walked over and faced me.

"Whaddya want?" I glared harder at him. "Who is your godly parent. Tell me who you really are before I punch your a**."I demanded. He smirked and went over to a little pond.

"I've had enough of you Morgan, bullying me and stuff. Threatening me. Do you know who I really am?." He bellowed. I glared. Jackson raised his hand and the water obeyed him.

"I am Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon Lord of the Seas, Earthshaker, Stormbringer and father of horses! I retrieved the master bolt of Zeus, retrieved the golden fleece, held up the sky, wanderer of the labryinth, founder of pan and defeater of Kronos."

A crowd started to form behind me, staring at Percy in shock.

I turned back to Percy and saw him surrounded by sea-green light and his eyes turned dangerous. His body lightened up and after the light faded, he was wearing full Greek armour.

"Liar! You're such a liar Jackson!" Derrick shouted at him. Percy glared and shot water at him.

"Silence you foolish mortal!" He boomed. "I still have more to tell you! I'm also the former praetor of New Rome, Defeater of Gaea and Giants! Also the wanderer of the deepest parts of the underworld. Tartarus."

Teachers and Students gasped.

"Kill him! He doesn't deserve to live!" The Principal shouted.

A bright light was formed in the water and out came a man with khaki shorts and a pitch fork.

A trident? The dude pointed it at the principle saying.

"You will not kill my son! I'm Poseidon God of the Seas and Earthquakes, Stormbringer and father of horses. I warn you, mortal. If you harm my son, it will be the last thing you do."

With that Poseidon disappeared in the water. The principal was speechless. "What just happened?" Percy smirked and splashed his face. "I'm ditching school. See ya later filthy muggles/mortals!" (AN: hahaha)

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