Without the Mist

Find out how Mortals react to our favourite demigods!


3. Son of the Flames?

oookay. so last Saturday, me and my family were talking about random stuff at lunch.  The topic of fandoms came around and I started to spit out Percy Jackson and Harry Potter stuff and then. . I mentioned Fred's death, I started crying like a maniac and my brother started teasing me about it.. I grabbed him by the neck and turned to my mom, "Permission to kill my lady?"

sorry just had to tell ya this. XD XD

Keith Walters' POV

Hi I'm Keith Walters, king of Creston High School. I rule this school and pick who's nerdy and popular.  I'm also a bully and pick on short and scrawny kids like Leo Valdez.

Leo Valdez.

Probably the most annoying and shitty person i've ever met. The punko came in during freshman year. He's been acting tough and strong and annoyed the hell out of me. He once saved a nerd from my hands at around the last weeks of sophomore.

"Yeah," I heard someone say, I turned around and saw Valdez talking to his.. weird phone (It's called an Hephone.. Link of the phone in my bio)  "We'll be needing pi... Yes Rey, we need Pizza cuz...Ok..Yep..Bye..Love you..K bye." He hung up the phone and walked to the parking lot.

"Where do you think your going Valdez?" Leo stopped and groaned. "What do you want Walters?" I grinned.

"Nothing, just wanted a good fight."

I cracked my knuckles and started walking towards him.

"Sure." He walked closer and stopped. I swung my hand, but he stopped it with a his right hand.

I glared at him and tried to pull my hand out of his grip.

After about 15 seconds, smoke floated around his hand. I felt pain in my hand.

"What? Stop! Let go!" I cried.

Leo smirked and pushed me to the ground. "That's what you get for messing with Mr Mcshizzle."

-time laspe-

I was at the beach on a Saturday with my family and friends. My friends and I (AN: thank you annabeth for reminding me) were splashing around in the deep parts of the water till I saw a short and scrawny figure entering the beach.

Leo Valdez?!?! What was the punk doing in MY beach?!

I turned to my buddies.

"Oh look, It's Scrawny Valdez!"

They all turned to where I'm pointing at and grinned.

"Let's go and..."Greet" him." I smiled, agreeing.

We all walked over to where he was. He turned his back on us so he couldn't see us. My best friend, Bret Wilson stepped forward and pushed him.

"Sup Valdez?" He turned and glared at us.

"What are you doing here?" My other best friend, Lance Miller smiled.

"My dad owns this beach punk. As his son, I should be allowed to kick you out of here."

Valdez rolled his eyes. "We booked it for the afternoon, so it's you who has to get out."

Lance glared at him.

"How dare you talk to us like that?! We're more higher in this world than you! My father owns a booming company and my mother is a model. Bret's father is a director and actor and his mother is a famous designer. Kieth's dad is a lawyer and his mother is also a famous actor. Caleb's dad is the 6th most riches man in the US and his mother is a demigod daughter of Aphrodite! Sean's father is the god of the sky! Zeus! And his mother is a model! Top that!"

Leo's eyes widened. Pfft, he should be surprised I mean, a demigod one of us?

That is suppose to be awesome.

Sean stepped forward and grinned. "Yes, I know. You must have heard of me, I'm a hero of olympus myself. My father says I should be a god!"

Leo rolled his eyes and took out something from his pocket.

He clicked a button and a dagger sprung out. Leo looked at Sean straight in the eye.

"Give me your wrist."

Sean held out his hand a stuck out his wrist.

Leo grabbed his arm and poked the dagger inside of him.

No way, it went through!

He clicked the dagger again and it disappeared.

"Nope, you're not a demigod." Sean glared at him.

"Well how do you know? You're not a demigod!"

Leo smirked and stood up. He stood there for 20 seconds, and fire came out of his hair.

"Whoa! No way!" Bret shouted.

"I'm Leo Valdez, Son of Hephaestus God of the Forge and Fire, I freed Hera, built the Argo II and I'm also a savior and hero of Olympus."

Sean's eyes widened. Leo looked at Sean.

"If you're a son of Zeus? Can you summon lightning?" Sean gulped and pointed his hand at the sky. "Erm... Lightning...Come and...Kill Valdez..?"

But instead of Leo, it hit him. Sean got up, his hair at the end, and smiled widely. "See? I AM a son of Zeus." Leo laughed. "Wow, thanks Sparky." Who's Sparky?

"Anytime Repair Boy." I heard someone say.

I saw a group of people beside Leo. All of them looked good looking and muscular.

One held out his finger and blew it. "Are these the people who are always bullying you?" Leo nodded, "Eeeyup."

They all glared at me and my friends. One girl, who had black hair and dark brown eyes came forward and judo flipped me.

"Don't you DARE bully my boyfriend again. Got it Mortal?" Leo smiled and kissed the girl. "Thanks, Rey."  The girl smiled and kissed him back. "Anytime. Now come on. Let's get away from these mortals."

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