Without the Mist

Find out how Mortals react to our favourite demigods!


4. Prince of the Underworld?

James Konro's POV

Hello. I'm James Konro, official hottie of Maystream High.

Today is career day in my school and lots of parents signed up to show off their jobs. My dad by the way, is Kevin Konro. He's the general of the United States. He led his army to victory in Pakistan.

"Good afternoon, Eagles!" The intercom screeched. The whole class cheered. F-Y-I, The Eagles is our school team name. "It's time to go to the auditorium for our Career Day show!" The class cheered more and got up. "Dude! Is your dad here?" My friend Cedric Rickson asked putting his arms around my shoulders. I chuckled. "Definitely. Time to show Nico di Angelo who's boss." Nico di Angelo was a wimpy kid who always stayed quiet and avoid people. He also looked goth-ish. And when he talks, his so called 'sexy' italian accent comes out and all the girls swoon.

The whole school gathered around the auditorium and sat down. The principal, Mrs Shakespeare (don't ask why) went to the middle of the stage, holding a microphone. "Hello Maystream! As all of you know, I'm Mrs Shakespeare and today I proudly present our student body's parents. Lots of parents got up and run up the stage. I saw one man who looked really pale, had raven black oily hair and dark black eyes. He looked kinda like Nico.

"First up is Mrs Shelby Rickson, Famous Architect of the United Architects Company!" Everyone clapped. "Hello Everyone, I'm Shelby Rickson and I'm an architect of bla bla bla." I stopped listening and played temple run in my iphone 5. After about 10 parents showing off their boring jobs, my dad finally went up. "Hello, I'm General Konro of the United State Army. As you may know, a general is the one who leads the army and fight till death. Yes, my army killed about 5,000 soldiers in Pakistan!" Everyone cheered. The scary guy with the dark eyes and pale skin got up. "Yes, and I had to do lots of paper work because of YOU mortals." Mortals? Why did he call us mortals? "Mr di Angelo. Please sit down and wait for your turn." My dad said. The man shook his head. "No." My dad sighed. "Mr Nico di Angelo, please tell your father to sit down." Nico got up and said, "Yes." My dad glared at him. "Yes, sir." Nico smirked. "There is no need to call me sir, Mr Konro." (AN: XD XD Potterheads would get this!)  Everyone in the auditorium cracked up.

"That guy is awesome!"

"So sassy!

"Did you hear his voice? So heavenly!"

I rolled my eyes. Some people are really stupid. Nico walked over to his dad and whispered something which made Mr di Angelo grin. He sat back down. "Alright," My dad continued his speech about how he succesfully killed the leader of the pakistan army and all that stuff. "Thank you Mr Konro for the wonderful presentation." Mrs Shakespeare said.

My dad nodded. "I have one more thing to say." Mrs Shakespeare nodded. "Our next mission is gonna be getting rid of the gods."

The hall gasped. "B-but sir. How?" Dad grinned. "By taking their magical items. Does puny gods won't stand a chance." Everyone cheered.

Nico's dad looked furious. "NO! YOU WILL NOT DESTROY MY FAMILY! " He shouted he grabbed something from his pocket and out came a black sword.

"Nico. Summon our warriors." Nico nodded and grabbed the black sword.

"Serve me!" He stabbed the ground and a huge crack formed. Skeletons and Zombies came out of the crack. Everyone started screaming and getting out but some students stayed, frozen. My dad smirked. "I could handle you." He got out his gun and shot the Nico's dad. "You filthy mortal. You can't kill a god." My dad glared at him.  "I knew that." Nico looked at the warriors. "Go get everyone that went outside." The warriors obeyed him and walked to the exit.

After everyone went back in because of the warriors, Nico's dad pushed my dad away and grabbed the mic. "Hello. I'm Lord Hades, King of the Underworld. My job is sitting down on my chair and playing with my oily hair." Silence. "Nah I'm kidding. I do paper work for the dead and living, I decide where to put the souls in different parts of the Underworld and...Yeah." He said scratching the back of his neck.  We all gasped.  Hades grinned.  "Don't think of me as a bad guy. I'm just a normal dad like Mr Konro here." Nico glared at him. "No you're not! You just ignore me and never really care about me!" Hades sighed and put his hand on Nico's shoulders.  "It's the ancient laws, son. I'm not suppose to care about you. But the truth is, I do. Blame the ancient laws." Lots of moms and girls cooed. Nico smiled and hugged his dad. "Thank you for the touching moment, but it is the end of our Career day. Thank you parents for telling us your job and have a great day."

When I was walking out the auditorium door, my dad caught up with me and put an arm around my shoulders.  "So, what job do you want to have?" I thought for a moment and smiled. "I wanna rule the underworld." We laughed as we headed to our car.

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