Without the Mist

Find out how Mortals react to our favourite demigods!


2. Demigods of Hogwarts

Harry's POV

Ever since the 2nd wizarding war, Draco hasn't been bothering us (Ron, Hermione and I).

Don't get me wrong, its great that he's not talking to us. Its just.. Why. That deatheater LOVES bullying us. He was also distant from the other Slytherins, including his gang.

So we're here in Hogwarts in Potions class. "Turn to page 345 (AN: made that up..)

Professor Snape said. (he's a ghost) We obediently followed what he said and turned our books to the right page.

"Psst." A soft voice said. So soft,  I thought it was the wind. I looked around and saw that nobody heard the voice. Except for Draco.

"Guys!" Draco whispered/yelled. I tried to look where he was looking and found a floating hologram with a picture of a girl with curly blonde hair, grey eyes and a boy with dark messy hair and sea-green eyes. He looked like my twin.

The boy said, "Hey Drake. Erm Chiron needs to speak to your...Headmaster." Draco smiled and nodded and wiped the hologram. What in Merlin just happened? "Um, Professor Snape?" Snape looked up.

"Ι συστ γοτ αν Ιρις Μεσσαγε φρομ Ανναβετη ανδ Περξψ. Τηεψ σαιδ τηατ Ξηιρον ηας το σπεακ ωιτη Δυμβλεδορε." (I got an Iris Message from Annabeth and Percy. They said that Chiron has to speak with Dumbledore.)

He said in another language. What did he say? Snape's eyes went wide and replied.

"Αλριγητ, ψου'ρε δισμισσεδ. Γο τελλ Ξηιρον το Ιρις Μεσσαγε Ξηιρον." (alright, you're dismissed. Go tell Dumbledore and tell him to Iris message Chiron.) Draco nodded and got up.

-Great Hall-

During dinner, Dumbledore stood up and said,

"Today, our own student Draco Malfoy and Professor Snape have an announcement. I also invite Rameen Naviwalla (AN: Belongs to @Nightoverday) Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Cho Chang and Lavender Brown to come up." The ones that he called up scurried over to where he stood.

"You may now introduce your real selves." Each of them got their wands and waved them.

Draco's hair turned dirty blonde and shaggy. His eyes turned icy blue and he also grew taller and muscular. "I am Draco Malfoy, Son of Hermes God of Thieves and Travellers and Messengers of the Gods." 

Rameen waved her hand and a shot of ice appeared on the tips of her fingers. Her usual baby blue eyes turned icy blue and her dull brown hair turned raven black. "I'm Rameen Naviwalla, Daughter of Khione Goddess of Snow."

Luna didn't change but she grew a bit muscular. "Luna Lovegood, Daughter of Athena Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy."

Hermione's brown, frizzy hair turned curly blonde and her eyes turned stormy grey. "Hermione Granger, Daughter of Athena Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy."  They were sisters?

Neville's eyes turned grassy green and his hair turned darker. He also grew muscular. "Neville Gardiner, Son of Ceres Roman Goddess of Agriculture."

Dean's feautures didn't change but he grew muscular. Really muscular his robes ripped. "Dean Thomas, Son of Vulcan Roman God of the Forge and Blacksmiths."

Cho's usual brown eyes, turned colorful like a.. What's it called? Kaleidoscope? "Cho Chang, Daughter of Aphrodite Goddes of Love and Beauty."

Lavender's eyes also changed to a Kaleidoscope. "Lavender Brown, Daughter of Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Beauty." Again... They were sisters?

Snape (surprisingly) also stood up (floated) and said. "I'm a son of Nemesis but legacy of Hades." and sat back down (floated). That was boring...

"Minvera McGonagall, Only living daughter of Minverva Roman Goddess of Arts and Crafts, Battle Strategy and Wisdom."

Dumbledore waved his wand and a picture of a huge woman that had black hair and warm brown eyes appeared. Dumbledore's eyes twinkled.

"Hello mother." Mother?! She must be reeeaaallllyyy old. The woman smiled. "Hello dear Albus." She turned to us.

"And hello my dear people." Pansy glared at her. "People?! You don't own us!" She sneered. Draco, Rameen, Luna, Hermione, Neville, Dean, Cho, Lavender, Dumbledore and McGonaggall gasped. The woman glared at Pansy.

"I, mortal am the Goddess of Magic. I'm Hecate." Everyone in the hall gaped. 

"I blessed the first wizards. Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin did me a very great favour. I gifted them with the power of magic. That's how it all started."

Pansy rolled her eyes. "Yeah right."

"I must go now, Zeus needs me." With that, she wiped the hologram same as Draco did it during potions.

"That is our real selves." Dumbledore said, "I want you all to treat our demigod students well. Especially Rameen. Let the feast, begin!"

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