A Kiss to Remember

Kristopher and Skye have been lover ever since grade school. They knew they are destined to be together, however war threatens to split them apart.

Can the two overcome such an obstacle?
Find out in 'A kiss to remember'

This is my first story, please give your honest opinions of it x


3. January 1975 Vietnam


The war is almost over Sergeant James has authorized my early release! I’m going back to my baby. As soon as I reach American soil, I’ll purchase a wedding ring. Something that sparkles, something precious from me to show her how much she means to me. I’m going to surprise Skye – gonna make it perfect. Make it… romantic. Yes, definitely. Ever since I was young I’ve dreamt of being with my best friend till infinity and finally it’ll happen. I guess I’ve always known she is my soul mate. The Ying to my Yang. Skye’s always made me a better version of myself. If it wasn’t for the thought of her, im not sure how I would’ve made it out alive… But I have. All because of her, the memories we shared kept me warm at night but my belief in those special moments that we will cherish is what gave me hope.

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