A Kiss to Remember

Kristopher and Skye have been lover ever since grade school. They knew they are destined to be together, however war threatens to split them apart.

Can the two overcome such an obstacle?
Find out in 'A kiss to remember'

This is my first story, please give your honest opinions of it x


4. January 1975 America


They say that the war’s almost done; I hope that is true, too many people have suffered.  They also say it should be considered as a “Just War”! Just war? Never. How could the blood-shed of millions of innocent people be justified?  I’ve seen the damage it has caused with my own two eyes and I am disgusted at how human beings are able to do this to each other!  I also know Kristopher would be too. “Would”… As if he’s dead. But he’s not. He’s alive, I’m almost certain he is. That’s what gives me strength each day. That’s what keeps the smile plastered on my face and refuses to let the pain roll down my cheeks in the form of tears. I know my Krissy is alive.

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