A Kiss to Remember

Kristopher and Skye have been lover ever since grade school. They knew they are destined to be together, however war threatens to split them apart.

Can the two overcome such an obstacle?
Find out in 'A kiss to remember'

This is my first story, please give your honest opinions of it x


5. February 1975 America


There she is. Lost in her own world, completely oblivious to her surroundings. I forgot how honest her eyes are. Eyes that you can look into and truly trust to be loyal. I never realized how much her eyes catch the beauty of the sky, glistening in the light of the sun. They shine so impossibly blue I spent my whole childhood believing she had her own piece of the sky within her.


Valentine’s Day. The Day for lovers everywhere. As I strolled through Times Square a sad smile crept onto my lips, as I remembered my first kiss right on this very path…

All of a sudden he wrapped his arm around my waist unexpectedly. I gasped as I turned around to see his light brown eyes with green specks like autumns touch, gazing at me intently. My heart pounded as I anticipated what was next. Krissy leaned in as I closed my eyes, our lips met and a burning passion was released…




Is this a dream or is it reality? Is he really here? He must be. I know that scent anywhere – fresh pine. Yes my Krissy survived. I knew he would!


“Skye, I’ve loved you ever since I can remember. When you’re happy I’m happy too. You bring joy to all those around you and I love you for that. You constantly put others before yourself and without the thought of you I’m not sure I would’ve made it through the war. No matter what there is always a smile on your face but I see the pain in your eyes, the tears you hold back… Skye Johnson I vow to protect you and care for you till infinity; will you make me the happiest guy on the planet and MARRY ME!”



“Of course,”

I rushed into his warm embrace as he lifted me into his strong arms. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that tears flow from my eyes. Crowds have gathered and people are cheering but they are simply a blur. The only thing that matters is that my Krissy is safe and our love is stronger than ever. Thank you Universe!

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