A Kiss to Remember

Kristopher and Skye have been lover ever since grade school. They knew they are destined to be together, however war threatens to split them apart.

Can the two overcome such an obstacle?
Find out in 'A kiss to remember'

This is my first story, please give your honest opinions of it x


1. December 1974 Vietnam


I loomed over the dead bodies which surrounded my feet. Sorrow filled my eyes as I thought of my one true love. Skye. The memories swam endlessly in my head as I remembered the summer sunlight glistening against her tears as I left New York. With each tear that escaped the corner of her eye another segment of my heart crumbled. As she reached up to caress my face, the cool touch of the promise ring I gave to her when we were in middle school, sent shivers down my spine. Even though we were only thirteen I knew she was the only one for me…

“Kristopher get your head out of the clouds and get over here now!”  Sergeant James’ voice startled me and hastily brought me back to reality.

“Yes Sir,” I quickly rushed to his side.

“I want you to get out there and bring back those corpses.”  The colour colour drained from my cheeks, my heart rate increased.

“Erm, ye-yes Sir.” Right there and then I decided I must get back to New York! I must get back to Skye

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