A Kiss to Remember

Kristopher and Skye have been lover ever since grade school. They knew they are destined to be together, however war threatens to split them apart.

Can the two overcome such an obstacle?
Find out in 'A kiss to remember'

This is my first story, please give your honest opinions of it x


2. December 1974 America


Every time an injured member of the armed forces comes in my heart beats faster. What if it’s Krissy? How would I cope? Every time I close my eyes I see the pale faces of the injured, I see the pain and anguish behind their motionless eyes. If it was him would I be able to keep on living? Knowing my one true love cannot… Kristopher has written many letters to me over the past year – one for each day we are apart. The amount of them are beginning to dwindle into a trickle. What if something’s wrong?  What if he’s injured? No. He can’t be. If he was I would know. I would be able to feel it – the Universe would feel… Different.

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