Angels Don't Have Wings, Darling

Inspired by CW's Supernatural | Her brother is dying. And she has every reason to blame herself for the accident, which made her desperate. It made her believe in such things as karma, the devil and God himself, while not being nowhere near religious before. When the doctors tells her, he probably only have about a month left, she starts praying. Perhaps more due to symbolic meanings, but who would've thought that an actual angel would show up on her front door?


1. Prologue

I’m losing him.

The heartbeats. The pulse. It all seemed so fragile. So important. And yet it made no difference.


“Ma’am please calm down, your friend’s in safe -“

He’s my freaking brother! Don’t you tell me his safe. He’s. Not. Breathing.”

Every word that followed seemed too pointless to catch, because for them it didn’t seem to matter. Since they new better. He’s face was too unrecognizable and his eyes were too dead, to be in safe hands.

“What am I supposed to do, huh?” I choked pushing the people aside, who tried to hold me back. I was screaming, feeling guilty for having the ability to breathe while my very own brother was incapable of nothing at all.

I traced his face between all the other ones who seemed so unimportant even though I new they were the only key to his survival. But what if their key didn’t fit?
My hands got the hold of his stretcher and I screamed in his pale face as if he would sit straight up and answer, with his godforsaken grin over his damn face.

What am I supposed to do!?

“Ma’am stand back, it would be the best for him, if you would just let us do or job and-“
“Just admit it already… He’s dying, and there is nothing, nothing, we can do about it.”

“Have faith-“

“Look, take all of your christian beliefs and shove it right up your ass, ‘cause it’s not saving anyone! God doesn’t care, ‘cause if he did, my brother would have been just fine!

And that’s when my words hit me, which made me take a few steps back.

God doesn’t care.

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