The Auction

Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall are about to experience Freshman year. They get tricked into joining the annual, traditional Auction.

*Boys Aren't famous*

Ps. It's gonna have each of the boys Point Of View.


2. chapter one.

Liam's pov :

"Hey Li !!" A girly like squeak appeared behind me.

"Oh, hi Becca !!" I quickly engulfed my beautiful, amazing girl-who's a friend- in a big hug.

"It's sooo great to see you ! It's been what? A year since we saw each other ?" I nodded and quickly unpacked my books from my locker.

"Can you believe it ! We're freshman's in high school !!" She squealed, making me drop my books.

"Rebecca ! Calm down, you're making people stare at us !" I chuckled while picking up my math books.

"Sorry Liam ! It's just, we're no more middle schoolers ! We're finally high schoolers ! And the best part is, I can spend it with my best friend..." She smiled at me while her big, blue eyes had that sudden twinkle in them.

"Yeah... It's crazy now that I think about it, but unfortunately we can't stay forever young ? Right ?" She wrapped her arms around my waist, making me stare down at her crystal blue eye.

"Right..." I quickly shook her grasp off.

"Now stop that before people think we're a couple !" I playfully chuckled while she on the other hand had a frown mixed with a smile.

"Are you ok ?" She quickly nodded while a small giggle escaped her pink lips.

Soon enough, the bell rang.

"I'll catch you later at lunch, ok !" She nodded.

"Liam wait !!" I stopped and turned around quickly.

"What ?" She took out a clip board and a pen.

"Can you please sign you're name here please.." Without hesitation I grabbed the pen and wrote my name and surname underneath a guy named 'Brad Brook'.

"Later Li !" I gave her a thumbs up and quickly rushed to math class.

Harry's pov :

"Harry...are you sure about this ?" I nodded my head at my concerned, worried sister.

"Gemma, I'll be fine. And besides, hopefully I won't be that 'pussy boy' anymore. I'll be the new and improved Harreh !" I wriggled both of my thumbs at myself.

"Harry, I know how these things go. I'm a senior for crying out loud ! I was in one of these things. It isn't great. It's no place for you." She grabbed both of my wrists.

I gave her the 'look', "Are you using reverse-psychology on me Gem?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"Mayybe..." I let go of her grasp.

"Gem, I'm gonna do it wether you like it or not !" She sighed, "fine, there's obviously no use arguing over this. But don't come crying to me !" The school bell rang, I quickly gave her a hug and headed to my first class; Biology.

Zayns pov :

I parked my motorbike in the schools parking lot. I turned the ignition off while taking my helmet off after.

I stayed sitting on my bike while taking in my surroundings ... This, is gonna be my new school...

I finally got off my bike but was soon hassled by a teen, blond cheerleader.

"Heyyy, you must be the knew freshmen !!" She squeaked. I nodded, not really giving a damn.

"Can you please sign this ?" I grabbed the clipboard and pen and read the white A3 paper ;

Title : Slave Auction(males)

Names : Brad Brooke

Liam Payne

Dylan Richard

Gareth Gus

Bryce Johnson

Harry Styles

Michael Loff

Ashton Beesle

Niall Horan

Tom Kutcher

Jared Kingsley

Nick Showler

Damian Fondly

Louis Tomlinson

Robby Williams


Without hesitation I wrote down my name underneath 'Robby Williams'. I handed the clipboard and pen back to blonde.

"Thank you so much," she scanned the page for my name,"Zayn Malik ! Remember to email a gorgeous picture of you and a stunning family background. Thank you for wasting my time !" She smiled and walked off into the school building..

Well, this was a weird first day so far ?

Louis pov :

"Louis !!! You're so gross !!" My best mate Joe cringed at the sight of me eating the last remaining pieces of lizard tale.

I quickly gulped the last bit down, "Hey, you're the one who dared me too !" I retorted.

"Yeah, but I didn't think you'd actually do it !!" He held his hands over his head in defense while walking on the school yard.

"Pish posh, you know how much of a daredevil I am." He nodded and sighed in defeat.

In the corner of my eye, I noticed a really hot freshman walking up to people with a clipboard and pen.

"Hey, do you know what Blonde's doing ?" I guided my eyes to hottie again.

"Dunno, but I think you shouldn't go near her.." I gave him a 'What-do-you-mean' look.

"She's, it's, just promise me you won't go near her !" I placed my one hand behind my back and crossed two of my fingers.

"I promise" I lie.

"Ok, cool-" the school bell filled my ears making me groan.

"Looks like it's time buddy ! I'll catch ya at lunch ?" I nodded.

He gave me a small smile before running off into the building.

Before I followed the rest of the students, I quickly made a stop to Hottie.

"Hello M'lady.." She smiled while handing me the clipboard and explaining everything to me.

Niall's pov :

"I love you Liz, you don't understand how much I miss you so much!" The other line giggled.

"I love you too Ni, I miss you so much too ! You do not know how much I hate being here..."

I took a look at my surroundings, "yeah, I think I might have a slightest idea ..." She giggled again.

"Is it that bad ? I thought you just moved there ?"

"It's bad that I don't get to see my beautiful girlfriend anymore." She giggled, and I can tell that she also blushed.

"We'll see eachother soon, at Christmas dinner remember ?"

"Yeah, I can't wait till then !!" I whined, making her chuckle.

"Me too ! Just seeing you makes my day..." I couldn't help but blush at that one.

"Yeah, you're my ride or die babe.." She giggled.

"Aww Ni, you just love to flatter people-"

"Hello !!!" A squeaky, loud voice interrupted. I looked up and noticed a blond, blue eyed chick staring at me, holding a clipboard and pen.

"Um hi ?"

"Ni, who's that ?" I quickly realized that I'm still on the phone, talking to Liz.

"N-no one babe, just some random chick who I have never seen before." I silently shooed her away with my one free hand.

But she denied and carried on starring at me with her clipboard and pen.

I quickly grabbed the pen and wrote my name.

"Thank you for signing up ! It's been a pleasure working with you !" She winked at me.

I sighed, "thank goodness that's over, so, where were we babe ?"


A/N hey guys !! I hope you like my new book, that doesn't mean I'm not gonna stop updating my other books;)

It's gonna be longer updates with my other books.

Hopefully this book will be better:)




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