One Direction's Mermaid Adventure

Farren is a mermaid, and her father is the king of their underwater kingdom.
But Farren doesn't want to be treated like a princess, she wants to go to the shore and learn about humans.

What happens when she comes across a group of five boys on the beach? Will love blossom? And what about the mysterious instructions the Siren gave her?

Read One Direction's Mermaid Adventure to find out!


9. Chapter 9

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As I walked along the hallway, I noticed one door open a crack. Peeking in, I saw a peacefully sleeping Harry sprawled across his bed. I smiled to myself before continuing to my room.

Sitting down on the bed, I looked around at all of the beachy decorations in the room. They comforted me but also made my yearning for a proper swim even greater. Before I could register what I was doing, I changed into a bikini and was making my way down to the pool.

The moon was shining on the water, flashes of light reflecting off the small ripples. I stood admiring it for a moment before quickly diving in. The feel of the water gliding past my skin set off an explosion of happiness in my body. I could feel my legs tingling as they joined together, becoming a blue scale covered tail once more.

I swam downwards, skimming the tiled bottom in the deep end. Spinning round and round I made my way to the surface near the middle once more. As I popped my head out of the water, I saw the kitchen light flash on and two silhouettes at the window. Carefully slipping back under, I swam toward the deep end. One flick of my powerful tail propelled me right down to the end. I slowly eased my head above the water only to see two girls standing at the edge of the shallow end, heads together whispering to each other.

"Hello? Who's that in the water?" One called, I immediately identified the voice as Perrie's.

"Is it you, Farren?" Obviously El's voice wavered.

My heart raced. I was stuck, there was no way out of this. The girls were going to find out about my tail.

"Um, yeah?" My voice shook as I replied.

"I thought you didn't like water and couldn't swim?" A hint of annoyance showed on Perrie's face.

"Uh... Well... About that." I paused, biting my lip nervously.

Eleanor suddenly sat down, slipping her sandals off and dangling her legs into the water, "Farren, you know you can tell us anything. We're not going to judge you."

At this I rolled my eyes and muttered, "Yeah, well you probably will judge me on this one."

"Farren please tell us what's wrong. Why have you been acting odd?" Perrie knelt beside El, her eyes wide with concern.

Slowly closing my eyes, I took in a deep breath and waved my tail out off the water.

"I'm a mermaid."

There was a long silence and I opened my green eyes to see the girls with their mouths hanging open.

"Close you mouths, you'll catch flies." I broke the tense atmosphere.


"So then it hit him on the head and he was sooooo confused because he didn't know where it came from!" Perrie and El burst into laughter at my story of throwing pufferfish at one of my possible merman husbands.

The two girls had gotten over their shock after a few moments and then joined me in the pool. We were currently sharing funny stories, the majority of them being my rebellious pranks at the castle.

"We should play truth or dare!" Perrie suddenly shouted, an excited smile appearing on her face. Eleanor nudged me, "Wanna play?"

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Okay, okay," Perrie giggled, "Me first. Farren..." she paused dramatically, giving me a playful smirk, "Out of the five boys, who would you date?"

The two of them both looked at me expectantly, waiting for my answer.

"Um... I don't know?" It came out as more of a question than an answer and I could feel the red hot blush on my cheeks.

Perrie and El shared a knowing look before saying together, "It's Harry, isn't it?"

I squirmed under their stare, trying to hide the fact that they were right and I was immensely embarrassed.

"No! Maybe... Yes..." Trailing off I finally admitted defeat. A sudden squeal made me look up, only to see a very excited Perrie.

"I knew it! I just knew it! Oh my gosh, you two would be perfect together!" She frantically flapped her hands in front of her scrunched up face.

El quickly put her hands on Perrie's shoulders to calm her down.

"Harry's bedroom light just went on, be more quiet. Farren go under incase he looks out," she turned to me, gently giving instructions. "We'll let you know when it's safe to come up and then you need to get out a dried off ASAP."

I nodded to show I understood before quickly slipping under the water and pressing my body against the bottom of the pool.

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