One Direction's Mermaid Adventure

Farren is a mermaid, and her father is the king of their underwater kingdom.
But Farren doesn't want to be treated like a princess, she wants to go to the shore and learn about humans.

What happens when she comes across a group of five boys on the beach? Will love blossom? And what about the mysterious instructions the Siren gave her?

Read One Direction's Mermaid Adventure to find out!


8. Chapter 8

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"BOO!" A pair of large hands landed on my shoulders, causing me to let out a shrill scream. I slowly turned around and peered behind the sofa, seeing a mop of curly hair crouched down.

"Harry, it's not nice to scare people." Rolling my eyes, I looked back towards the movie. "And it's a girls only movie night!" I called over my shoulder to him.

Perrie, Eleanor and I were having a movie night had decided to start by watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Suddenly the sofa sank down beside me and I felt an arm snake around my waist.

"But what if I want to join you?" Harry teased, poking my nose gently. I crossed my eyes and pulled a funny face, making the dimples on his cheeks pop out as he laughed.

"Haz, we're trying to watch a movie here, either leave or be quiet." Perrie snapped, pausing the film to glare at the goofball sitting next to me.

"Well I don't want to be quiet; I want to talk to Farren!" He protested, using a childish voice as he stuck his nose in the air.

El took this opportunity to get up, reach over the back of the sofa and pinch Harry's cheeks.

"Aww! Hazza Bear has a crush on Farren!" She cooed causing him to shove her off and cross his arms over his chest in mock anger.

Glancing at Harry from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a faint blush on his cheeks, but it could have been from El pinching him or even the darkness of the movie room.

I could feel my heart fluttering as Harry wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "Eleanor is being a meanie to me!"

Turning myself in his arms to look at his face, I replied in a light tone, "But you're a big boy so you can just tell her off yourself." Before I quickly slipped out of his grasp to refill my coke in the kitchen.

When I returned, Harry was staring at me with his bottom lip sticking out and his bright green eyes wide. Shaking my head, I flopped down beside him once more, "You can stay, but be quiet!" I poked him in the ribs and then snuggled up to watch the rest of the movie.


I woke up to the sound of heavy rain pelting in my window. sighing I swung my legs out of bed and made my way downstairs to the kitchen.

Everyone was already there, dressed and eating toast and cereal.

"Morning." I mumbled, rubbing my eyes and grabbing a bowl from the counter.

"G'morning, Farren!" Louis shouted through a mouthful of coco pops.

"Ok, Louis first, that's way too loud for morning, and second, don't speak with your mouth full!" I scolded, making everyone else laugh.

"You sound like Liam when he's keeping us all in check." Zayn said, his deep voice full of laughter.

"Yeah, well I have a very uptight family. Keep your mouth closed! Don't slouch! Swim with a good posture!"

There was a sudden silence and I realised what I has said. Turning towards them, I saw their confused expressions.

Harry spoke up first, "I thought you didn't like water and can't swim?"

Trying to keep a calm face and act like it was nothing big I replied, "My older brother does loads of swimming and my mother always makes me attend his lessons, just to watch. She knows I don't like swimming or water but my whole family are amazing swimmers and my parents want me to be involved in swimming in some way, even if it's just by being an instructor. Sometimes my mother teaches him and asks me to help so I kind of have the whole 'swimming posture' rule drilled into my brain."

Opening the cupboard and pulling out a box of cornflakes, I waited for their response.

"So you teach your brother how to swim yet you can't actually swim yourself?" Liam questioned, gazing at me suspiciously.

Shrugging, I changed the topic. "So what are you lot up to today? Any concerts or anything?"

"No," Zayn replied, "But all of us lads except Haz are going into the studio to finish some recordings and the girls are busy."

Perrie nodded, "I have a rehearsal with my band for the upcoming tour and El is visiting family."

"Oh right." Turning to Harry I asked, "How come you aren't recording?"

As he set down his glass of water he answered, "I've already recorded the majority of my parts, plus I have a splitting head ache so I'll probably just go back to bed again."

Nodding in understanding, I began shovelling cornflakes into my mouth. "So you basically you have the house to yourself for the whole day apart from when Harry isn't sleeping." Niall smiled, "No wild parties while we're gone though!"

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