One Direction's Mermaid Adventure

Farren is a mermaid, and her father is the king of their underwater kingdom.
But Farren doesn't want to be treated like a princess, she wants to go to the shore and learn about humans.

What happens when she comes across a group of five boys on the beach? Will love blossom? And what about the mysterious instructions the Siren gave her?

Read One Direction's Mermaid Adventure to find out!


7. Chapter 7

I tiptoed over to the chair, careful not to step on any puddles of water on the way.

"Hey! It's Farren!" Niall shouted in his cute accent.

Giggling, I waved to him, "Hi Niall!"

"Are you gonna join us in the pool?" Liam asked, "The girls told us you were scared of water." He flashed me an understanding smile before Louis jumped on top of him, pushing him under the water.

"Farren!" Louis yelled, waving dramatically from his perch on Liam's shoulders, "Open that big box and get the toys out!"

Glancing around I spotted the box and headed over to it.

There was an assortment of pool toys; beach balls, floats, those little weighted thingies and loads more.

"Whoever collects the most weights after I say 'go' wins!" I challenged, chucking them into the deep end of the pool. There was an immediate scramble and lots of splashing as everyone tried to gather the most sticks while Zayn sat on the edge of the pool beside me.

Louis head popped up and he held up a handful of weighted sticks, "I got six!"

"I only got two." Eleanor laughed, swimming back to the shallows.

Suddenly Harry burst out of the water in front of me, a splash of water hitting my legs.

Fifteen seconds.

I sprinted away from the pool into the bathroom, hurriedly locking the door behind me.


I flopped to the floor, my tail taking the place of my legs. Groaning, I crawled over to the stack of towels and grabbed one, frantically rubbing at my blue scales.

A knock sounded at the door, making me jump.

"Farren? Are you all right in there?" A voice called.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine..." I muttered, tapping my fin on the cold tiles.

"Sorry for splashing you, I didn't realise just how much you hated water." The voice chuckled, meaning it could only be Harry.

"Do you need any help or do you want me to get the girls?" He questioned, obviously unsure what to do in this situation.

My eyes widened, "No, no I'm fine, really. Go join the others I'll be out in a few minutes."

"Uh, okay." I heard his footsteps shuffling away, before letting out an exasperated groan.

Throwing the towel aside in frustration, I went to thump a fist on the glimmering scales when an amazing thing happened.

Steam rose up off my tail and a tingling sensation took over, within a few seconds my legs had returned along with my bikini bottoms. Confused, I slowly clenched my fist only to let out a yelp of pain. Something had burned my skin. Just to double check, I filled the sink with a small amount of water. Scrunching my fingers up once more, the water started bubbling and after several moments all that was left was a fogged up mirror.

A grin broke out on my face, I had powers! I has only ever heard of such things in legends, but then again, mermaids growing legs and living on land were also legends so I guess it made sense. What I couldn't figure out was if I'd always had these powers and just never known, or did it come as a kind of "bonus package" with the Siren's spell?

A sudden call brought me out of my daydream.

"Are you okay, Farren? You've been ages!" Eleanor knocked gently on the door.

"Yeah, I'm just coming now, sorry for taking so long." I quickly leapt to my feet, opening the lock to concerned looking El.


Hello my lovelies!

So this is my first authors note, and I know you probably won't read this but yeah...

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