One Direction's Mermaid Adventure

Farren is a mermaid, and her father is the king of their underwater kingdom.
But Farren doesn't want to be treated like a princess, she wants to go to the shore and learn about humans.

What happens when she comes across a group of five boys on the beach? Will love blossom? And what about the mysterious instructions the Siren gave her?

Read One Direction's Mermaid Adventure to find out!


6. Chapter 6

"Come on, Farren! We have to go to Forever21!" Perrie urged, her and El pulling me along.

We had left the house to go shopping after breakfast, the girls insisting that we start as soon as possible.

It was around lunchtime now, and we had been in loads of different shops. Justice, Topshop, Hollister, the list was endless. In every single store the girls had bought stuff for me, I felt really bad that I didn't have money and promised I would pay them back once I got a job.

My stomach let out a violent growl, "Guys, is there anywhere we can go for food? I'm starving!"

El pulled a sad face, "Let's just finish with this store before we eat, I spotted some really nice tops at the back."

I reluctantly agreed, and ended up with another new set of clothes; a cream lace belly top, a pair of pale denim jeans, white Vans and a necklace with a seashell charm. Cliché, I know, but I was missing home ever so slightly.


Ringing the doorbell, we waited for one of the boys to open the door. We had so many bags Perrie couldn't reach her handbag for the keys, so now we had to hope that at least one of the boys was home.

The door swung open to reveal a shirtless Zayn in swimming trunks and dripping wet.

"Hey babe," he said to Perrie, "Do you guys wanna dump your shopping bags and join us in the pool?"

"I thought you didn't like swimming?" El questioned, one eyebrow raised in confusion.

"I don't. Louis dragged me in, quite literally." He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Well count us in!" Perrie grinned and pecked Zayn on the cheek, before they barged through the door and up the stairs. I quickly forced a smile, and scurried after them.

Closing my bedroom door behind us and letting the bags fall to the floor, I turned towards the El and Perrie.

"I can't swim, I'm scared of water." I lied, much to my disappointment as I was desperate to feel the water glide over my skin.

"We can teach you?" Eleanor suggested, as she held out the bag containing the newly bought turquoise bikini.

Perrie came over and hugged me, "There's nothing to be afraid of, Farren. Come on, put that new bikini to use!" Chuckling she left the room, probably to get changed into her own bikini.

"At least come down to the pool, you can sit on one of the deck chairs or throw beach balls and stuff to us." El rubbed my arm comfortingly as she passed me on her way out.

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