One Direction's Mermaid Adventure

Farren is a mermaid, and her father is the king of their underwater kingdom.
But Farren doesn't want to be treated like a princess, she wants to go to the shore and learn about humans.

What happens when she comes across a group of five boys on the beach? Will love blossom? And what about the mysterious instructions the Siren gave her?

Read One Direction's Mermaid Adventure to find out!


1. Chapter 1

My heart pounded as I silently slipped through the tendrils of seaweed hanging from the door, a gentle swirl of water in my wake.

I glanced back one last time at the stunning palace, before quickly swimming onwards.

As I snuck past the guards by the gates, I began to question myself, Why did I run away? I basically led a perfect life; I was a princess, my father had always doted on me, while my mother always spoiled me with new pets and my brother usually brought me exquisite pearls or interesting knick-knacks from his travelling.

I was a tomboyish girl, not really into all the things a normal princess would be into. My long brown hair was usually left down, I couldn't be bothered with all the fancy hairstyles I was expected to wear but if they were lucky I might plait it, I never attended the balls my parents threw, preferring to sneak away to swim with the dolphins and explore the vast sea I lived in, the fancy tops and tail decor selected for me was pushed to the back of my wardrobe in favour of a simple tank top and maybe a green sash tied around my waist, flowing down to my long, shimmering blue tail.

Thankfully my parents had given me a decent name, Farren meaning adventurous, which I certainly lived up to! I had got into lots of trouble in the past; releasing sea-snakes in the ballroom amidst guests, letting the dogfish inside the palace especially when they'd just been taken for a swim and were all dirty, putting snails on my brother's face when he was sleeping, throwing pufferfish at unsuspecting palace workers and many other things, but the one thing my father despised most was when I read books about the humans. He said they shouldn't exist and that they were harmful, spiteful creatures looking to exploit us and our world. Any time he caught me reading or researching them, he grounded me for several days and took the books, which I suspect he hid away or ordered the guards to dispose of.

He may think I should act like more of a princess, he may think that humans were despicable beings, but I, Princess Farren the First, was going to prove him wrong.


I had been swimming all day, passing several small mer-villages on the way. I stared longingly as I passed another, pausing to gaze at the houses built out of wood and pieces from shipwrecks, the neat gardens filled with brightly coloured coral, as tiny fish flickered in and out among the plants and mer people went about their daily lives.

I wished I could go in and maybe buy some food, I had forgotten to put some in my satchel and my stomach was beginning to growl. The last I had eaten was dinner last night before running away early this morning, but I decided it would be too risky to stop because soon Father would probably discover I was missing and send search parties to every village under his rule.

No, it was best I continued and got to the shore as soon as possible. Propelling myself forward with my powerful tail, I pushed onwards.

The light was starting to fade and the dark water was casting shadows on the seabed. The sand was finally starting to slope upwards and the surface wasn't too far above my head. I rose, breaking the still surface and pushing my long hair out of my green eyes. Surveying my surroundings, I took in all the details. The moon was rising, the white glow reflecting off of the water, ahead of me I could see the the distant haze of a fishing town, in the harbour there were several boats with lights on heading in my direction. I wasn't too worried, I had read that fishing boats often travelled out to sea at nighttime to catch things like squids or other creatures that were active at night.

Pressing my back against a large rock, I watched them pass by me. The men aboard were all wearing brightly coloured clothing with a thick orange vest, it looked stiff and uncomfortable to wear, they shouted instructions to each other as some threw nets overboard. Deciding this wasn't the safest place to be, I slipped back under the water and put some distance between the harbour and myself, heading towards a small, empty cove instead.

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