Only your hands

This story is about a love who realizes cannot love. Their passion cannot exist or will be wrong, they discover something unholy and they have to decide. Rated 12 or PG some romantic phrases and mature scenes but suitable for most people :)


4. OMG

While i was staring at the wall and i saw Jacob come back out of the corner of my eye, i smiled. He looked sweaty, had he had an asthma attack? I could tell he was either worried or nervous. He came over and he adjusted his tie. He began to speak in a wobbly matter "Eden Joan Gardener, I-I know that we have been together for 2 years now, i know we are perfect for each other in every way, i will be there for you, i will hold your hand when times get rough..." At this point my mind was starting to latch on. "So, Eden.." I froze, i knew what was coming. Soon enough Jacob got down on one knee. "Eden, W-Will you marry me?!" He stuttered and remained on one knee. A big smile grew across my face and i jumped up screaming."Y-Y-Yes!!!" I screamed and ran up to him and jumped in his arms. Lots of thought were going around in my head. Im only 15, What will my parents say? We sat back sown as the others were staring. I looked at my ring and the huge center diamond was gleaming. Gino came running in.

Gino was holding our plates, and put them down. Jacob dug in and started to choke. "HELP!" i yelled trying to get everyone attention. Everyone panicked and Jacob fell to the floor....



Sorry this ones short, there might not be one tomorow so i fitted one in today x Love you guys <3

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