Only your hands

This story is about a love who realizes cannot love. Their passion cannot exist or will be wrong, they discover something unholy and they have to decide. Rated 12 or PG some romantic phrases and mature scenes but suitable for most people :)


1. Intro

 Never get to close and personal. From my experience, do not run away! And never, ever fall into love. Everything that falls gets broken, 

I pulled on my acid wash high wasted jeans and my green vans. My hair fell perfectly in to place as i washed it. My hair was a dish water blonde, doesn't sound that appealing does it? My top was a yellow cropped top which shows my belly button. My boyfriend Jacob was meeting me after college and is taking me to an Italian restaurant where we first met, we have been dating for about 2 years and its our anniversary tonight. I looked at my brightly colored watch and hurried out of my bedroom, "You haven't eaten breakfast!" Shouted my Dad. I frowned and took the piece of toast out of his hand and shoved it in my mouth! I can tell you that i am not very feminine.

On the bus i got confronted by this old lady, she had the nerve to ask me "Why do you dress like a hooker!?" I stopped and pulled my ear phones out of my ear, and looked at her straight in the eye. "You actually have the nerve to ask me why i look like a hooker, when you should be worrying about what coffin you should have." I got up and swung around the pole and pressed the button. I stood up for most of the journey. To keep myself happy i had to think about Jacob. The bus stopped at Field way and the doors opened. I hopped off and yelled "Thanks!" As the bus drove off i saw the old lady getting off after me and she yelled at me again, i ignored her and carried on walking with a bounce in my step.

Only to encounter Him...

Authers Note:

I will be posting new chapters every day. Maybe even 2 a day, i hope you like this first book in this trilogy and have a lovely time reading xx

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