Only your hands

This story is about a love who realizes cannot love. Their passion cannot exist or will be wrong, they discover something unholy and they have to decide. Rated 12 or PG some romantic phrases and mature scenes but suitable for most people :)


6. Home time

 We had finished our meal and Jacob started to hold my hands. He began to talk "You know i have never met your father?". He sounded confused, and i nodded "Oh yes, about that he doesn't like people coming round, and plus he really grumpy." I lied. I did not want him to come round because i was afraid if my dad did not like Jacob. "Why don't i come round, since we are engaged!" He said as we got up to leave, Gino seemed busy so we just left a tip and left. Jacob knew where i lived because he picks me up alot. My nerve was killing but i asked him in anyway."So, do you want to come round, i'm sure my dad wont mind.

The journey seemed like years, i was so panicked about if my dad did not like him. I guess i had to know, considering that i am engaged. Our song came on the radio

'Mysterious girl, i wanna get close to you!" We sang as we made our way down to Pusher Avenue. He pulled up and i could see me dad out of the window. He waved. I had told him that i am dating somebody, "So babe, you ready?" Jacob asked putting a hand on my leg, still sitting in the car. I took a deep breath and nodded, then got out of the car. He got out shortly after. He came round and he held my hand and we walked to the front door, I rang the door bell as i could not be asked to get my keys. The cross on the door had gone moldy. My family is heavily christian, however i believe and stuff but i would not call myself a Christian.

 My Dad invited us in and stared at my hand...

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