Only your hands

This story is about a love who realizes cannot love. Their passion cannot exist or will be wrong, they discover something unholy and they have to decide. Rated 12 or PG some romantic phrases and mature scenes but suitable for most people :)


3. Gino's

We hopped in the car, i looked at my brightly colored watch again. It read 11:00 great we were on time. It takes a little while to get to Gino's, about an hour. We finally arrived and Jacob kissed me on the cheek before running out of the car to open my door for me! "My Lady..." he said with a posh accent. How adorable! I hopped out of the car and he kissed my hand and he picked me up bridal style! We walked into Gino's when we were delighted to see that Gino was running towards us. "Ah, you young couple, come, sit, sit.." Gino hurried on as he pushed us towards this lovely table with a candle and some rose petals. Jacob and i exchanged looks and we both shrugged and sat down gracefully. Gino began again "I remembered see... And i made it even special for you!". We giggled silently as Gino went to fetch a notebook. "Love you..." I mouthed to Jacob

"Ah, miss Eden, what do you fancy today?" He asked with an outstanding grin on his face. I paused with thought as i looked at the menu. "Hmm, today i fancy spaghetti, yes Gino and a OJ please." I looked at Jacob, He smirked. "Gino can i have a red wine and the spaghetti as well." Jacob said without Gino even asking him. When our drinks came, Jacob took a sip of his wine and made a sarcastic "Yum" noise. I frowned "No fair, I cant drink, you did that on purpose!" I kicked his leg and his drink went all over the table. We laughed. "I'm going to use the Loo!" Jacob told me. I looked down at my blue and white satin dress. The white was at the top and a flared blue skirt. The feel of the place was so rustic and it looked like a winery. The green on the walls were a delight to just stare at and wonder upon the world.

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