Only your hands

This story is about a love who realizes cannot love. Their passion cannot exist or will be wrong, they discover something unholy and they have to decide. Rated 12 or PG some romantic phrases and mature scenes but suitable for most people :)


2. First class

Well, there is only one person in this whole college who i hate, Cameron. He hits on me like im a baseball. "Hey honey!" He says sarcastically and puts his arm around me. I punch him in the face and walk by. What! I didn't say i was polite either! I walk in the school gates with Jacob standing by the gates, his smile lifts me up completely. His blonde hair swoops over his bright blue eyes. If possible his smile grew bigger when i came up to him and hugged him. "So, looking forward to tonight?" He asked with his gorgeous Irish accent! "Yes!" i replied very eagerly. He was taking me to Gino's our favorite restaurant. He led me into the college doors and the atmosphere of books and b.o hit you. Period, bell rung and Jacob gave me a kiss before I went to Art. We have art with Miss. Gold who was one of my favorite teachers, when we got in the tables were arranged differently. "Hello class, as you can see the tables are different, line up at the back please!" She smiled falsely and we all lined up at the back. 

I stood next to Avangaline, who i called Ava. We are best friends and are inseparable. Miss.Gold hurried on again " Right so, Ava you are next to Callum, Penelope you are next to Lauren, Eden you are next to Cameron!" She gave a sarcastic smile, she knew i hated Cameron. I decided i hated Miss now. We went and sat at our new places. Cameron gave me a wink, I frowned and carried on walking to the front of the class. I sat down and my hair bounced up making it look frizzy. " Right so today, Class we will be looking at Gradient" Miss carried on as the lesson went by. However to my surprise Cameron said nothing, at all!

The bell rang and i walked out into the corridor, Art was the only lesson i had today so i went and waited outside of Geometry for Jacob. The Door read "Mr.Phelps" which was crossed out and read "Mr.Target". The door looked old and creaky. Soon Jacob came out and hugged me, we walked outside the gate and into his red and old car.

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