Best Friends With Pop Stars

Hiya I'm Alex Tyler! I'm 18 and I live in Australia, and yes before you say it Alex and Tyler are both boy names but that wasn't my choice! I have 5 best friends Kelias Parry, Luke, Aston, Michael and Callum, yes the 5sos boys, find out what happens when we go on tour with One Direction...


6. Chapter 6

Alex's POV

We got bored after 2 hours so we got down and just walked around. Niall is defo one of my best friends! We are the same person, but when I told him I've never had Nando's he didn't talk to me for half an hour. Then said "WE ARE GOING TO NANDOS!" And that was it!

"Guyyyssss! We are going to Nando's who's coming?!" Niall yelled, about 10 seconds later of cause I see Michael and Kelias coming out of our bus. "LES TALK MORE EAT!" Kelias said and ran to the van with Michael following. The-

"YOU TWO ARE IN SO MUCH SHIT!" Fuck I could tell strait away that that was Liam, he came storming towards us and starts yelling "WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING EVERY WHERE FOR YOU TWO!" Think think what do I say?! "Cool it man we where on top of the bus" Niall said back to Liam. "Fine I'll just let this go! ONLY this ones! Now get in the van" I started walking towards the van and got in, "ABOUT FUCKING TIME NOW DRIVE ME TO HEAVEN!" Kelias yelled and after that we headed to Nando's.

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