Best Friends With Pop Stars

Hiya I'm Alex Tyler! I'm 18 and I live in Australia, and yes before you say it Alex and Tyler are both boy names but that wasn't my choice! I have 5 best friends Kelias Parry, Luke, Aston, Michael and Callum, yes the 5sos boys, find out what happens when we go on tour with One Direction...


5. Chapter 5

Liam's POV

What has just happened?! Both Niall and Alex has ate the cake for 5sos and the girls! I can tell they are going to get on well! I walked into the kitchen to see how much they have ate. Omg they took it with them! What pigs!

"Right we are going on the hunt for Alex and Niall!" I shout across the bus, we all walk out the bus and split up. Me and Kelias, Harry and Loui and Zayn and the 5sos boys, We start looking for them.

Kelias POV

This is pros the best day of my life! 1, going on tour with ONE FUCKING DIRECTION! 2, I'm with all my best friends and 3, IM WITH LIAM SEXY PAYNE! But right now we are looking for them fat little fuckers. Me and Liam start by the bus that the One Direction are staying on, looked in and just to find out that they weren't there. Hopefully we can't find them for a while so I can spend more time with Liam!

Alex's POV

"ALEX! NIALL!" That's all we could hear, I'm trying so hard not to laugh but Niall has his hand around my mouth so we won't make a sound.

After about 20 mins later he let go and we got on top of a tour bus and started eating the cake again. ITS AMAZING!

We finished it and wanted more. we chilled for a bit, laughed and joked around and I think he is my long lost brother! We are the same person! It's unreal.

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