Best Friends With Pop Stars

Hiya I'm Alex Tyler! I'm 18 and I live in Australia, and yes before you say it Alex and Tyler are both boy names but that wasn't my choice! I have 5 best friends Kelias Parry, Luke, Aston, Michael and Callum, yes the 5sos boys, find out what happens when we go on tour with One Direction...


3. chapter 3

*two days later*

Alex's POV

Tour starts today! Omg I'm super existed! It's just the thought that your going around the world with your best friends and meeting new people. And let's not forget that WE ARE MEETING ONE DIRECTION AND BEING ON THERE TOUR!

"Oi! Earth to Alex, we are here" Luke said snapping me out of my thoughts, damn you Luke! When we pulled over you can see about 4-5 coaches with 'One Direction WWA Tour' on the sides, so you would know that One Direction would be on one of them coaches. You can see people loading the coaches up and getting ready to go.

"You ready for this?" Michael said to both me and Kelias, am I ready? NO IM FREAKING OUT! Pull yourself together! My inner voice said, we can do this! No we can't! Yes we- No! Yes!

Why is my head doing this now?!

"Head battle?" I nodded to Luke's question then he giggled, aww that's so cute! WTF?! Why am I saying it's cute?! It's not cute that boy giggled- shit I'm doing it again! He just laughed noticing that I'm still doing it, fuck sake why is he so cute? Yes I'm emitting it now LUKE IS CUTE! I was snapped out of my thoughts again by nocking into something, or someone.

"Omg you alright?" The man said laughing helping me up "yeah, I'm so sorry I was thinking" I laughed and looked up to the man I bumped into and......I......bumped.....into.......HARRY FUCKING SEX GOD STYLES! I think I'm just going to look at his face until someone pulls me away or- "Alex, you alright?" Callum said taking me aside with out taking my eyes of mr sexy over there. "Alex? Aaalllexxx, ALEX!" Kelias said in my face "ok this is getting a little bit rapie get away from my face" I sassed back to Kelias.

"Oookey guys you ready to get going?" Loui asked us all "yeah, well edited" we all said at different times and with that we all headed to the coaches, this year is going to be epic!

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