Best Friends With Pop Stars

Hiya I'm Alex Tyler! I'm 18 and I live in Australia, and yes before you say it Alex and Tyler are both boy names but that wasn't my choice! I have 5 best friends Kelias Parry, Luke, Aston, Michael and Callum, yes the 5sos boys, find out what happens when we go on tour with One Direction...


2. chapter 2

Alex's POV

"We are going on tour!" Michael finally said "omg guys that's amaz-" "hold up! That's not the end of it!" Aston said out of the blue coming from his corner "why what els is there?" I was getting a bit concerned now. "Right, are you both ready for this?" Michael said getting all existed "you both are going to love us for ever" Luke said "FOR FUCK SAKE JUST TELL US!" I yelled over existed "Alex don't interrupt! Rude!" Callum said in a sassy tone "ok... Don't freak out ok?" Michael said "why would we freak out?" "Right I'm just going to come out and say it" "yes yes go on" Kelias said getting closer to listen "wearegoingontourwithonedirction" Michael said incredibly fast "what the fuck? Say it slower" "right ok, we are going on tour with..." "WITH WHO SPILL THE BEANS!" Kelias yelled "one direction" then all of a sudden it was all quiet, just amazed face expressions from me and Kelias "well....say something" Callum said braking the silence "calm down dude let the girls have there moment" Luke said back to Callum "ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME?! You better not be fucking with me or someone is going to be missing an arm!" I said really fast "WHAT SHE SAID!" Kelias yelled back. "Trust me would we be ducking about something as big as this?" "To us, yes" "alright but the point is, we are going to be with one direction for half the fucking year!" Kelias yelled in my face and then we both screamed and then started to do our happy dance. "Oh no not the happy dance" "hey! This is a grate time to do the happy dance!"

And for the rest of the day the boys where telling us where we are going to go, I've never been out of Australia before, this trip is going to be amazing! And the good new is, the tour starts in 2 days!

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