Best Friends With Pop Stars

Hiya I'm Alex Tyler! I'm 18 and I live in Australia, and yes before you say it Alex and Tyler are both boy names but that wasn't my choice! I have 5 best friends Kelias Parry, Luke, Aston, Michael and Callum, yes the 5sos boys, find out what happens when we go on tour with One Direction...


4. Chaper 4

Alex's POV

As we walked up to our new home for a while I sore on the side of one of the busses '5SOS' and they have the names of the boys on them too, woah! I bet they weren't thinking this was going to happen, well I didn't.

"WAIT WHAT?!" Michael said over excited and started jumping and screaming 'WE HAVE OUR OWN TOUR BUS' and 'I HAVE MY NAME ON A BUS' and all that trust him.

"Ok this is your very own tour bus as you can see, there is room for everyone and I think everything you need and don't worry we didn't let Niall go anywhere near you kitchen" Liam said laughing at his own joke and opened the door for us "thank you" Kelias said happily and hopped on to the bus. "Right be for ANYONE goes into the bed rooms....SHOT GUN TOP BUNK!" I ran to the door that said 'bedrooms' and claimed on to the top right bunk. There are about 6 bunks in this little room, ahh well.

"MISS TYLER THAT IS NOT FAIR!" Luke yelled after me and getting the bed under me, Michael got the other top bunk and the rest are still talking to the One Direction boys in the front room. I walk out of the bed rooms and head to the kitchen, I'm so hungry! What what do you know Niall is in here looking for food too "busted Mr Horan" he stopped and didn't move he turned around with cake in his hand and mouth "WE HAVE CAKE?! MOVE FOR DA QUEEN! ITS FEEDING TIME!" I said standing next to Niall and we both got a big bit of cake each. "Niallllll! I hope your not in the kitchen eating anything!" Liam said and we could hear him coming towards the door "shit run with the evidence!" Me and Niall ran out the kitchen and ran out of my tour bus, I have no idea where we are going but I don't give one at the minute know..........Food

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