One Direction Preferences *Taking Requests*

One Direction Preferences


2. How You Meet


You were tired after a really long day so you decided to take a walk to clear your mind. You had been walking for a while when your feet began to ache so you took a seat on a nearby bench. Staring at the ground, you heard someone approach you.

"Sorry, do you mind if I sit here?" The stranger asked. You looked up and smiled.

"Sure, if you want to." The person took a seat beside you. After a few moments of silence they spoke again.

"I don't mean to intrude but are you OK? You look kind of upset."

You sighed. "Yeah, thanks. I've just had a stressful day."

"Oh, I've been there. I'm Harry by the way."

You smiled again. "I'm Y/N."



Walking into Starbucks, you ordered your usual. You struck up a conversation with the woman behind the counter since you came. in here most days until your coffee was done. Paying for it, you turned around a crashed right into someone, your coffee falling to the floor.

"Oh God, sorry," you heard the other person exclaim.

"Don't worry about it." You replied.

"No, no. At least let me get you another coffee," the person said. Agreeing, the person bought you another, apologizing once again.

"Forget about it. Thanks for the coffee." You smiled.

You both exchanged numbers and started dating not long afterwards.


You were walking in the park with a group of your friends, just minding your own business. You were daydreaming when suddenly you felt something in you in the back. Spinning around, you saw a blue frisbee at your feet and a boy about your age running over to collect it.

"Sorry about that," he apologized. "Sometimes I throw it way too far."

You laughed a little, brushing it off. "Don't worry. I've been through worse. I'm Y/N"

"I'm Louis," he said, shaking your hand.


You were at a lousy club watching your best friend dance around on the floor in a drunk frenzy. The music was way too loud and you were getting a headache. This had never really been you're scene.

Sighing, you turned to sit at the bar and noticed a guy sat by you looking almost as fed up as you. You decided to strike up a conversation.

"Bored?" You ask in a friendly tone.

He smiled. "Yeah, I'm only here with my mates. I didn't even wanna come."

You laughed. "Same here. I'm probably gonna end up dragging my friend home soon."

You laughed and joked for a while before exchanging numbers and departing.


You were walking down the street when suddenly you were met by a huge group of people. Trying to avoid being trampled you stepped into an alleyway waiting for them to pass. Suddenly a boy broke out from the group, running into the alleyway with you.

"Mind if I wait here for these fans to pass?" 

You shrugged. "No problem. Nice to have some company. I'm Y/N"

"I'm Niall."


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