From amity to dauntless

"I can't do it Valero I can't be kind just because I am supposed to be" my brother stared at me "Valencia if you can't then you can't come to Amity after your aptitude test" A tear streamed down my cheek as I stared at my brother he knew my whole family knew almost everybody in Amity knew that I wasn't a true Amity but I couldn't let my family down they wanted me to choose Amity. But it's not about them it's about me I stared at my brother fiercely and narrowed my eyes "I know" I walked away from him but even as I was walking away I could feel his eyes burning holes in my back

Valencia has lived in Amity her whole life but she always knew she didn't fit in here the natural kindness wasn't something she had, so when her aptitude test comes around and it shows "divergent" she is shocked not only did she not belong to Amity she didn't really fully belong to anything. But instead of going for Amity which would be the smart choice she goes for dauntless and meets four he keep staring at her weirdly, and who is the other guy observing her he has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever, her new friend Tris shares similarity's with her they are both divergent and they both have a thing for four, how is it going to end is Valencia going for strong, kind and mysterious four or is she going for aggressive, jealous and sadistic Eric, I. Guess you'll just have to read to find out


2. the aptitude test

Chapter 2

I watched as my sister moved her small tanned hands slowly through my hair, I had allowed her to do my hair since I was to nervous to touch it, my aptitude test was today and I was pretty sure I wasn't gonna get Amity and I feared that if I didn't get Amity that I was going to make the stupid choice to leave, but to be honest I knew I wasn't going to get Amity I was to unkind, "your hair is done Valencia" I stood up from my place in the floor and walked towards my vanity, I touched my hair softly she had a pretty good knack for hair and she was only 8 years old, it was beautifully done, she had one braid go over my head like a hair band, she braided it beautifully with daisies, the rest of my hair was in a donut which she had skilfully scattered daisies in too, The daisies matched beautifully with my knee length short sleeved loosely fitted yellow dress, "thank you Valentina" usually my hair wouldn't be put in a donut but Valentina loved doing complicated things with peoples hair. She smiled kindly at me and pecked my cheek "You are kind no matter what the aptitude test says" I nodded my head, she knew I wasn't going to get Amity otherwise she wouldn't have said something like that, "Yeah" she smiled kindly at me and left my room, I grabbed my book bag and left the room, I walked through the hallways of the Amity compound and revelled in the calmth I needed it right now

"Valencia don't worry you'll be fine" I stared at her skeptically and she stared back at my with that uncertain look everybody kept giving me, well everybody I loved most it's like they knew I was thinking about leaving them, it's not like I wanted to leave them I just wanted to be happy and it's not like they were keeping account with me, I mean it's like they didn't care for my safety. "Vicky you know as well as me that I am not going to get Amity" she smiled and put a hand on my shoulder then she said in a patronising voice "you know what I always say expect the unexpected" I rolled my eyes her stupid motto made me puke she knew that whenever I did that I would get whatever I expected, she said it on my 7th birthday turns out I got a rose garden while I wanted a diamond embedded unicorn so that didn't turn out 'unexpected', I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice myself bumping into someone, "oops I am so so sorry" the girl helped me pick up my books and so did the boy that walked my way "Beatrice you should watch where you're walking next time" though the words were -if put this way- not nice, the way he said was so endearing like he was genuinely trying to get her to be better, Vicky stared at the boy in awe and blushed "no worry's Beatrice we should've watched where we were walking" the girl and the boy still kept picking up our stuff but we beat them to the punch by picking everything up in one swipe, I got a good look at the girl and the boy they were both Abnegation their grey clothes indicated that, they both looked similar to each other so I also concluded that they were brother and sister "don't worry about it it's seriously nothing, I am Victoria by the way and this is Valencia" I smiled at them warily but warmly, since I hardly ever talked to Abnegations well I hardly ever talked to anyone outside my faction, Victoria on the other hand smiled a kind and warming Amity smile at them, "well we got to be going we have our aptitude test today ciao" she winked at the boy once and skipped away, this time I smiled at them amusingly and walked after Victoria

I walked into the room where the aptitude tests were taken, an abnegation woman in grey sat there she was smiling warmly at me and looked at her clipboard once, "Valencia Katerina Terrence" I nodded my head nervously she noticed and smiled "don't be nervous sweetheart your test is just a test you can choose whatever you want on choosing day" I nodded and sat in the chair, she handed me a tiny cup with a blue liquid in it I stared at it for a long time and she chuckled "you have to drink it" I downed the drink and closed my eyes, when I opened them again I was in a room and there were three objects on a table: a knife, meat and cheese, a small woman with black hair walked over to me and whispered "choose" I raised my eyebrows "what will happen if I choose" she cocked her head to the side "choose and you'll find out" I put my hands on my hips too can play this game, "let's make a deal if you choose I'll choose" she rolled her eyes and shrugged "whatever, your problem" I blinked once and she had vanished, I shrugged but turned around when I heard a growl behind me, yeah just my luck it was a huge ass dog "O my God" the dog growled again and stalked forward "stay doggy stay" the dog was about to charged at me, the dog jumped and I did the first thing I could think of hit it, so I charged and bit down on the dog neck and moved a little to the right so I could feel the vain pulse under my teeth otherwise it would be useless and then I bit down harder until I could taste blood, I let go off the dog and he fell limp to the ground, and that's when I pulled a pussy trick and started trying to reanimate and get the dog back to life but he wouldn't come back to life tears pricked my eyes but before one could fall down the scenery changed and I was now in a train "miss do you know this man" I looked at the picture and it was my dad "yeah that's my didi" the man holding the picture smirked "okay then" he grabbed the gun and held it against my dad's head, my eyes widened and I grabbed the guy's hand "no" the guy smirked at me "him or you" I closed my eyes and whispered "me"

I opened my eyes and gasped, I looked to my right and the Abnegation woman stared at me, her eyes showed fear for me and curiosity she moved forward and then did something so un Abnegation that I thought she was going to kill me she hugged me. "What are you doing" she let go of me and took in a deep breath "listen to me your test results were inconclusive so you had Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite and Candor and the thing you did trying to wake the dog was neither Amity nor Abnegation the test and I don't know what it was" I had everything but Amity really that's just great "they call it divergent" how was this possible "what should I do" the woman quickly scribbled something down on the paper and put it in the machine "I am going to write Candor in your test results" I nodded and she took my hands in hers "don't tell anyone about this will you, cause this is no good result to have now go home, if anybody asks you have Candor" I nodded and walked out of the test room,

Author's note: so coolio peepsios lemme disclaim before I start, I don't own divergent or anything else except Valencia her family and Victoria and Darren, so lemme know what you think

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