From amity to dauntless

"I can't do it Valero I can't be kind just because I am supposed to be" my brother stared at me "Valencia if you can't then you can't come to Amity after your aptitude test" A tear streamed down my cheek as I stared at my brother he knew my whole family knew almost everybody in Amity knew that I wasn't a true Amity but I couldn't let my family down they wanted me to choose Amity. But it's not about them it's about me I stared at my brother fiercely and narrowed my eyes "I know" I walked away from him but even as I was walking away I could feel his eyes burning holes in my back

Valencia has lived in Amity her whole life but she always knew she didn't fit in here the natural kindness wasn't something she had, so when her aptitude test comes around and it shows "divergent" she is shocked not only did she not belong to Amity she didn't really fully belong to anything. But instead of going for Amity which would be the smart choice she goes for dauntless and meets four he keep staring at her weirdly, and who is the other guy observing her he has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever, her new friend Tris shares similarity's with her they are both divergent and they both have a thing for four, how is it going to end is Valencia going for strong, kind and mysterious four or is she going for aggressive, jealous and sadistic Eric, I. Guess you'll just have to read to find out


1. my life


"Valencia" I stared at the blonde girl skipping my way her curls bounced on behind her, she smiled showing her pearly white teeth "yes Valentina what brings you to the rose garden today" she smiled again and twirled around once, obviously showing off her new red dress, "look isn't it beautiful" I nodded and smiled her way, she twirled again and plopped down in the middle off the rose garden "mimi asked me to come find you" I frowned why would mom want to talk to me I finished all my work and I didn't do anything wrong today, (I think) "why Valentina did mimi tell you" she shook her head "she just wanted to see you she didn't tell me why" I nodded my head and ruffled her hair "do you want to come with" she nodded and stood up

We passed all the trees and crops and waved at all the people working in them, here in Amity everyone was a friend there was no on you could hate Amity was the perfect faction everyone was nice here, at least to the outsiders that was the case, but only some of the people in Amity knew the truth, including me I knew about the bread in Amity it was filled with some peacemaking potion, But even the people that knew the bread was filled with some magical potion ate it, like my brother, mother and father they knew it was filled with it but in order to keep the peace they still ate it, even though they were like the kindest people I have ever met they still ate it, I really envied their ability to be kind to everyone they have ever met, I mean I different I am only kind to people that deserve my kindness or act kind to me and let me tell you there are some people that live in Amity that don't deserve it and some people at school that also don't, But my brother always says that acts of kindness don't need to be deserved they need to be given, I have no idea what he means by that but that's my brother for you Amity through and through. That's why he also chose Amity on choosing day

We walked into compound and Valentina started twirling around which made her dress stand around her like a red circle, I stared at her for a long time as she giggled and twirled around she loved it, she love the attention she got as everyone watched her twirl around the hall, as I stared at her I noticed how Amity she looked while giggling and twirling, I could already see her in Amity later, she was what I thought a true Amity was supposed to be, she was kind to everyone even if they didn't deserve it, she was perfect for Amity just like the rest of my family, unfortunately I didn't fit in that category I was so not an Amity but my mom and dad keep saying that I was but I highly doubt it, but we shall see since tomorrow the aptitude tests are taken "Valencia, Valentina" Valentina stopped her twirling and looked back to see who was calling our name, "didi, Valero" I groaned my brother and father is just what I needed -not- they were all nervous about what I was going to get on the aptitude test, I mean even though they keep consoling me I knew that they were thinking the same thing, I wasn't going to get Amity on my test. But I knew that they hoped I was going to choose it anyways. They wanted our family to stay together they didn't want us to be separated.

"Valencia what's wrong you seem a little off" in all my thinking I hadn't noticed my father walking over to me and putting his hand on my shoulder, "nothing didi I am fine I was just thinking about tomorrow" my father nodded and sighed, he knew I was thinking about every possibility and that I maybe leaving him, mom, Valero and Valentina, sure he respected my decision but that didn't mean he had to like it, and you could see he didn't "Valencia, Valero says he loves my dress don't you Valero" Valero smiled gently at Valentina and nodded, Valero was always the quiet and observing one, he wouldn't even say a word to you but at the end of the day he knew everything on your mind, that's because Valero was smart and actually belonged in Erudite but he chose Amity to stay close to mom, dad and Valentina, "Where were you going" our father asked totally ruining my thoughts "mimi called for me I just don't know for what" didi nodded his head and kissed my temple quickly before leaning back "we will leave but we will be at the dining room"

I passed through the hallways in search of my mom I was hoping she would be somewhere in public so I knew that this wasn't going to be one of her not really fights but still a fight, unfortunately I did not find her in the hallways which meant that she was in my room, I took in a deep breath and walked into my room, I looked around and Found my mom sitting at my vanity she was staring in the mirror but as soon as my eyes found hers she smiled but it wasn't het usual smile this smile meant business. "Mimi whats up" she stood up and walked over to me, She caressed my face and moved a lock of hair behind my ear "tomorrow is the aptitude test" I nodded I knew and I was to choose Amity for the greater good of my family, just so that Valentina wouldn't have to grow up with a broken family. My mom stared at me "choose what you think is best sweetheart, listen to your heart not to me your father or Valero" I stared at her for a long time but she pecked my cheek and walked out of my room just like that.

I lied down on my bed thinking about what my mom said, she wanted me to choose what I felt was right in my heart, but I was conflicted in what was the kind thing to do or what felt right, cause I sure As hell wasn't that selfish that I was going to just think about myself I mean if we thought about my sister and my brother they both didn't want a broken home and I was selfish enough to think about just leaving them like that. But I was also selfless enough to think about just staying my brother stayed for us 2 years ago should I stay for him now. I stood up and walked to my vanity, my eyes stared back at me their concentration and hopelessness caught my by surprise. I think that you could say that I was generally pretty, curly red velvet coloured hair, icy blue eyes that had a distinct ring of dark blue around them that were framed by dark long eyelashes, freckles that went up my nose and on my cheekbones, and my red pouty lips, my mom always said I held a unique beauty that not many did and that I should be proud of it but honestly though, I was brought out of my thoughts by a knock on the door. "Valencia it's Victoria" I smiled to myself, Victoria was my best friend and since her mother was my mother's best friends and we were born on the same day they decided to let both our names start with a V,"Darren pointed out that you weren't at dinner so I come bringing food" I smiled to myself Darren was her brother and my sort of secret boyfriend, we had decided to keep it a secret until after choosing day, "come in" I opened the door and there stood Darren and Victoria, I raised my eyebrows "I also come bringing my brother didn't I mention that well here is the food ciao" she skipped away and I stared after her Victoria and Valentina were the only two who knew about my relationship with Darren.

"In two days the whole compound will know that we are a couple" I sighed and stared at him he was so handsome, his blue eyes and his black hair along with the cheeky dimples my mom always said he was a cute little thang, -she said thang on purpose- I think she suspected something going on between us but even if she did she didn't voice her opinion about it. As I stared into his eyes I felt bad for him we had been doing this secret thing since I was 15 so it had been a year now. And I knew he loved me dearly and he had told me so but to be honest I was 16 what did I know about love I was like a kid I mean we had kissed and stuff but that didn't mean I loved him okay sure I cared about him. But I didn't know what love really was and I am sure that I wasn't in love with him but I liked him so much it was crazy, but it wasn't love I just felt it. "We don't know what my aptitude test will say Darren" he quirked an eyebrow and tipped my nose "but we don't care Valencia, we all know you are not going to get Amity but you will come back cause you love your family and me" I narrowed my eyes and walked away from my bed and leaned against my wall, "yeah what ever Darren I just want to got to bed goodbye" he frowned and walked out off my room, I groaned and plopped down on my bed I really hated this crap,

Author's note: I am disclaiming this I don't own divergent or any other thing that was written in it by the very talented Veronica Roth, well this is my first fanfic here so please review and let me know what you think

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