From amity to dauntless

"I can't do it Valero I can't be kind just because I am supposed to be" my brother stared at me "Valencia if you can't then you can't come to Amity after your aptitude test" A tear streamed down my cheek as I stared at my brother he knew my whole family knew almost everybody in Amity knew that I wasn't a true Amity but I couldn't let my family down they wanted me to choose Amity. But it's not about them it's about me I stared at my brother fiercely and narrowed my eyes "I know" I walked away from him but even as I was walking away I could feel his eyes burning holes in my back

Valencia has lived in Amity her whole life but she always knew she didn't fit in here the natural kindness wasn't something she had, so when her aptitude test comes around and it shows "divergent" she is shocked not only did she not belong to Amity she didn't really fully belong to anything. But instead of going for Amity which would be the smart choice she goes for dauntless and meets four he keep staring at her weirdly, and who is the other guy observing her he has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever, her new friend Tris shares similarity's with her they are both divergent and they both have a thing for four, how is it going to end is Valencia going for strong, kind and mysterious four or is she going for aggressive, jealous and sadistic Eric, I. Guess you'll just have to read to find out


3. Dauntless

Chapter 3

I stared at myself in the mirror. My curls fell in ringlets down my back and I was wearing a crown of sunflowers on my head. I twiddled my long sleeved knee length red chiffon dress in my hand, I was nervous I had no idea why cause I had made my decision, I was going stay here in Amity with my family and make the best off my life, I flipped my hair behind my shoulder once and took in a deep breath. I walked over to my bed and grabbed the sleeveless yellow jacket I had and put it on, I walked out of my room and immediately bumped into Darren. "Valencia you were just the girl I was looking for" I frowned at Darren and he smiled cheekily. He ushered me back into my room, "Valencia you are not going to do anything stupid are you" I shook my head, he stares at me worriedly and sighed "all I can do is believe you on your word which is not a lot for me" I shrugged and pecked his cheek we both left my room after that,

I had said goodbye to my sister and she had again reminded me that no matter what happened today I was still kind, I had smiled at her and told her that I knew. I had stared at her when we walked away from the compound and when we had walked away I knew that I made the right choice Valentina would love her family reunited and together.

I sat in the benches where the Amity were seated. I didn't even listen to that dude Marcus's speech cause it was as alway useless and stupid well not that I had ever heard his speech I just didn't care. "Victoria Talonia" Victoria had walked down the bench and glanced at me, I smiled at her and she grimaced back her eyes travelled to the Erudite bench where that boy was sitting (Caleb Beatrice's brother) she closed her eyes solemnly her breathing went back to the normal rate, a woman handed her a silver knife and she cute her hand with it. I stared at her while she did it the blood trickled down her hand for a while as she stared she bowls filled with the elements, and instead of going for the bowl filled with dirt she went for the bowl filled with water, I watched as her blood trickled into the Erudite bowl beside me I heard my father gasp and as I glanced at my mom she just smiled at her and clapped, Vicky's parents and Darren didn't look as happy as she did right then, as I looked at vicky I noticed that she looked more beautiful then she has ever looked, she looked happier then she has ever looked if you wanted to see true happiness right then and there you should've looked at her face. The Erudite people clapped for her and welcomed her with open arms, she glanced at me and mouthed 'I want to be happy' I smiled and blew her kiss I never knew se had such a problem but maybe she was faking all the kindness, as I looked at her I saw that she was being a little bit too friendly with that Abnegation. I frowned I hope she didn't choose a faction just for a guy because that would be dumb.

"Valencia Katerina Terrence" I felt so stared at I mean I was the only one so far who had a middle name, as I walked down the benches I noticed that girl Beatrice staring at me weirdly I shot her a small smile and she smiled back as if to reassure me, I stared at her she had gone from Abnegation to Dauntless I mean that's pretty rough but that's what she wanted she felt like that is what she had to be happy. I stared at her again she looked so strange in her grey clothes surrounded by all black clothed Dauntless, "misses Terrence" I shook my head to get rid off all those thoughts and grabbed the knife from the table I stared at all the bowls and moved towards the Amity bowl but as I stared at I got a feeling I was doing the wrong thing. I mean even my mom said I had to listen to my heart even my little sister said so. I mean I have to make a choice but what do I chose do I go for my own happiness or do I go for my family's. I moved my hand up the burning coal and sliced my hand, the blood trickled down my hand and into the bowl "DAUNTLESS" I huffed once and glanced at my parents my mother blew me a kiss and my dad gave me a look that was wary I don't think he knew how to react. Valero looked at me with a disgusted look and Darren was. Crying along with his parents they looked absolutely devastated I bet you that my dad and Valero were devastated to but there is nothing we can do about it.

I walked over to the Dauntless chairs and sat down on the chairs, some Dauntless faction members clapped me on the back some Dauntless transfers and some Dauntless borns also clapped me on the back, I just nervously smiled and waited till the ceremony was over as soon as it was done all the Dauntless started running out the choosing Centre of course me being me I looked around first trying too if I could catch any Amity and I did I saw two one was running far behind her and the other one ran upfront, I picked up my dress a bit and pushed myself faster, I wondered where we were going but even if I wasn't going anywhere I would've still ran after them cause it made me feel free, I looked around me again and noticed the Abnegation girl Beatrice ran next to me, I shot her a happy smile and she shot me one. That screamed freedom, we continued to run until all of them stopped in front of the train tracks, I already heard the train coming up to us. My eyes widened as I realised that I had to jump into the train, I gulped but still took a deep breath, the train came closer to us and the people in the front braced their self, as it was my turn I took a quick glance at Beatrice and she smirked we both ran up to the train and jumped, I wasn't even that worried but as I was jumping I felt this thrill it made me feel alive, as soon as I came into the train I sat down against the side, and Beatrice sat down next to me. "Hey Valencia" I smiled and nodded and she took in a deep breath "I am Beatrice I mean if you don't remember it" I smiled at her and gave her a hug she tense but continued to let me hug her. I let go of her cause I could feel that she was uncomfortable with it. "Why'd you hug me" I smiled and patted her on the back once "it's a sign of friendship in Amity" as soon as I said friendship her face lit up, I smiled a true Amity smile back at her I was bad at those smiles and usually didn't but this was a special occasion, she huffed and leaned back against the wall "why'd you choose for Dauntless" I shrugged cause I really didn't know "I was going to go for Amity but I guess my friend changed my mind and your bravery did to" she smiled again and leaned back against the wall "I am Christina" I turned to my left to see a dark skinned girl sitting against the side of the train. "I am Valencia and this is Tris" Beatrice smiled and I winked, the girl Christina smiled and chuckled "I think I found myself a pair of friends since we are like the only girls here" I shrugged and casted my eyes down. I felt that it was time to regret my decision but surprisingly so I didn't feel anything but happiness I felt a bit like Victoria, I was so happy I didn't care about anything.

"Okay we have to stop here" we all stood up and I glanced out of the door, Tris stared at the open train door and raised her eyebrows "what do you expect us to do" the boy grinned and jumped out of the cart "I expect you to jump" we didn't notice that while we were having a conversation almost all of the dauntless initiates and transfers, had already jumped out of the train, I looked at Tris and she took a deep breath. I glanced at Christina only to see she was also wearing the same scared look an Amity boy behind us shook his head "I can't do this I'd rather be faction less" Tris stared at him weirdly, I shrugged it was his decision nothing to do about it, I grabbed Tris and Chris's hands and we jumped out of the train, as I jumped I felt the same sense of freedom and I didn't know why but I had been having it a lot lately and I couldn't make myself understand why, we landed bad and rolled over the building for a while, I stood up and cleaned myself up it was so not the moment for this stupid knee length dress, my mother didn't even like me wearing knee length dresses I just did so cause well I looked better in them. I walked towards where everybody was standing around the building, there was a man there he had blond hair and a lot of tattoos and piercings I stared at him for a long time mostly his eyes cause even though the rest wasn't excruciatingly beautiful his eyes made me want to melt. "Welcome Dauntless initiates, if you want to go into Dauntless you have to jump" I looked at Tris and she stared wide eyed at the side of the building this was not what I expected of Dauntless

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