His Not So Little Sister

Lena Horan is 17 years old, she is Niall Horan's younger sister, Niall hasn't seen his sister in 7 months. what will happen when he see's his sister for the first time in 7 months, will she have changed?, will he find out she has ben in contact with one of the boys throughout the 7 months? will Niall be upset or angry when he finds out? what will happen when niall finds out which one of the boys it is!? and what is worse what if she has done something and she isn't the sweet little angel she used to be? READ HIS NOT SO LITTLE SISTER!


1. characters

Lena Horan 17 years old,




Niall Horan 20 years old





Louis Tomlinson 22 years old






Harry Styles 20 years old




Liam Payne 20 years old





Zayn Malik 21 years old


so here are the main characters for this movella the first chapter will be up soon!

lol my cousin tay was just in the shower and she was singing to moment by one direction, btw if you see this tay, you sounded great beautiful love you lots xx

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