His Not So Little Sister

Lena Horan is 17 years old, she is Niall Horan's younger sister, Niall hasn't seen his sister in 7 months. what will happen when he see's his sister for the first time in 7 months, will she have changed?, will he find out she has ben in contact with one of the boys throughout the 7 months? will Niall be upset or angry when he finds out? what will happen when niall finds out which one of the boys it is!? and what is worse what if she has done something and she isn't the sweet little angel she used to be? READ HIS NOT SO LITTLE SISTER!


3. chapter 2 - the club or not?

Lena's P.O.V.

The boys had gotten home about 4 hours ago and me and niall had a masive fight, bacause i wanted to go to the club, he kept saying no becasuei was only 17, but i kept arguing that i wanted to go, in the end he said i can not go at all and that he will have on eof the boys stay with me so im not alone.

mum had also left for work 2 hours ago and wont be back for a few days, which sucks.

"okay liam is going to stay with you, becasue he cant drink much and doesnt want to go" Niall says to me " is that alright?" niall asks, i look over Niall's shoulder and see a smiling liam, i smile back cheekily and turn to look at Niall again

"yeah, whatever!" i say, and walk past him.


All the boys and their friends except Liam left an hour ago, to go to the pub, they told us to not wait up for them, and that they dont know if they will come home or not.

i just finished with my shower and was getting dressed into some nice warm PJ'S seeing as its freezing.

(her PJ'S)


once i donei put on some nice fuzzy purple socks and walk downstairs and into the lounge room.

"i just ordered pizza for us" liam says walking in from the kitchen.

"okay, thnks LiLi" i say smiling to him.

if your wondering me and liam are great friends, we have been talking heaps while he has been on tour, he has told me everything and i have told him everything, and no niall doesnt know about this, because he wont allow me and liam to be that close, well you know what i mean, as in being best friends that we tell each other everything.

"hey, you okay?" liam asks me snapping me out of my thoughts, i sturn around so im sitting with my legs on the couch facing liam at the other end.

"yeah just thinking" i reply

"about?" he asks me, i just shake my head smiling

"none of your buisness" i say back to him, which he than gets a smirk on his face.

"aw come on we tell each other everything" he says, in a little kids voice, i start to laugh, liam is a kid at heart well all the boys are especially louis....

" nope not htis time" i say, and before he can answer the door bell rings.

"that must be the pizza" he says, as he gets up and walks to the door, i hear another boys voice.........its not the pizza dude........ shit andrew is here fuck! help!

"who the hell are you" i hear andrew ask liam

"im liam and you are?" liam asks, andrew ignores him

"where is lena, LENA!" he shouts out into the house,

"im sorry she isnt here good bye" liam says, i stay sitting on the couch and i cant help myself i start crying. i hear a bang and the next thing i know is im beingpunched in the stomach and thrown across the room.

"you little bitch, your done this time!" andrew says as he storms over to me, i cover my face and just wish this would go away, i wait for the next puch or kick but dont feel anything, i hear a thud and i quickly uncover my eyes to see liam ontop of andrew punching him, i quickly run over to the house phone and dial 911 [A/N sorry oi dont know what the number for emergency is over in ireland(: ] .

i hang up the phone and not even 2 minutes later the police are here taking andrew away, i told the police what he has done to me and then they left.


i have told liam the storythat andrew was my boyfriend but i broke up with him last week because of the abuse, and i have been crying for the last 2 hours and liam has just been hugging me and talking to me, i have finally stoped crying, and decided to go wash my face.

"i'll be right back" i say o liam and get up, i haven't eaten yet and dont think i will, im not hungryanymore, liam tried to give me some pizz but i refused.

i walk ino the bathroom and lean on the sink looking at myself in the mirror, i look horible, great liam seen me like this at my weakest, i wash my face and then dry it, now it kind of looks like i haven't been crying, but you could still tell. i still cant believe liam would do that protect me from him, then sit there comforting me and seeing me crying, jees i must of looked so ugly.

And yes i do have a small crush on liam but nothing will happen between us becasue 1st he doesnt like me that way, and 2nd Niall will kill both of us, he is very protective over me thats why i never told him about Andrew.

"hey you okay?" liam asks, scaring the crap out of me,, i turn around and smile slightly at him

"yeah i am fine" i try to say in a happy tone but i guess itdidt come out that way, becasue liam walked over to me and put his arms round my waist hugging me, i put mine around his neck and we just stand there hugging.

after about five minutes of just standing there hugging Liam picks me up so that im forced to wrapp my legs around his waist, he caries me to my room and lays me down in my bed, the tucks me in

"goodnight lena" he says kissing my forehead, he is almost at the door when i stop him

"please stay liam" i say sitting up, and looking at him, he turns around and walks over to me. he sit down on my bed and i put the blanket over him

"just until you fall asleep" he says, i smile and nodd and lay my head on his chest.

a few minutes have pasted and  cant fal asleep, i start to draw with my finger on liam chest

"Lee[< its her nickname] you okay?" liam asks me, i move my head so im facing him

"yeah just cant get to sleep, its too early for bed" i say

***************TO BE CONTINUED!!!****************************


hope you like this chapter

-love danielleXX

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