His Not So Little Sister

Lena Horan is 17 years old, she is Niall Horan's younger sister, Niall hasn't seen his sister in 7 months. what will happen when he see's his sister for the first time in 7 months, will she have changed?, will he find out she has ben in contact with one of the boys throughout the 7 months? will Niall be upset or angry when he finds out? what will happen when niall finds out which one of the boys it is!? and what is worse what if she has done something and she isn't the sweet little angel she used to be? READ HIS NOT SO LITTLE SISTER!


2. chapter 1

Lena's P.O.V.

I wake up and roll over to see its 11:35 am, I decide to get up and out of bed and have a nice long morning shower. I walk out of my bedroom and down the hall way to the bathroom. I start running the water and then strip down before getting in the shower, I wash my self, shave my legs and wash my hair, once im done I wrap myself in a towel and wrap my hair in one as well.

I walk over to the bathroom door and open it, I go to walk out but I bump into something hard.


Liam's P.O.V.

this morning we had arrived at niall's mum's house. We had just finished lunch and I needed the bathroom, we had been here before so I knew where it was

"im just gonna use the bathroom, be right back" I say to the boys and Maura(niall's mum), they all reply with a sure or okay or just a nod. I walk upstairs and down to the right, as I reach the bathroom the door flies open before I can open it, and out walks Lena, niall's sister, I smile as she walks straight into my chest, she looks shocked as she stumbles back, I quickly grab hold of her arms to stop her falling over, she sighs a sigh of relief and looks up, her lips curve into the biggest smile ever,

"LIAM!" she screams, as she jumps up wrapping her arms and legs around me, I stumble back a bit and catch her under her thighs, not to high obviously because of her towel, she hugs me and then lets go, I put her down and she blushes as she fixes her towel

"sorry" she says "let me get dressed then we can talk" she says walking away down the hall to her bedroom. I watch her walk to her bedroom and I feel myself get a little excited, I shake my head, ' no I cant like her she is my best friends sister' I think to myself ,I turn myself around and go to the bathroom.


Lena's P.O.V.

I quickly walk into my room and straight for my closet, I get my undergarments and get some nice and comfortable clothes

(her outfit)



after I get dressed I walk out of my room and make my way downstairs, I walk into the living room and see all the boys sitting down on the couch watching, well I don't actually know what their watching.

"Niall!" I scream, he turns around smiling at me, he gets up and I runs towards him I jump up hugging him, as he spins me around.

"I missed you so much big bro" I say to im

"I missed you so much too lil sis" he says as he sets me down, I walk over hugging all the boys including Liam as well so know one knew we ran into each other upstairs.

"okay, well im hungry" I say plopping down on the couch

"you are defiantly niall's sister no doubt about it" zayn says laughing and all the boys shortly join in including niall. I just cross my arms over my chest and put on a pouty face

"aw is little Lena sad?" harry asks in a baby voice

"im not little any more im a grown up!" I say standing up

"no your still our little lena" Louis says coming over and hugging me, I push him off

" no get off me" I start, " well then your little Lena will be 18 in 7 1/2 months, so stop please" I say talking normally

"oooh, she's growing up oooh" harry says, I turn and glare at him, he just laughs at me, I walk past all of the bumping shoulders with niall and zayn as I walk through the middle of them. I walk into the kitchen and just decide to make a sandwich .

once im done I go back to the living room to see only Louis and Liam there. i walk over and sit down with the two boys.

"where did the other's go?" i ask no-one in particular

"they wen to get some friends, then coming home to get ready to go to the club" louis replies, i just nodd my head and whatch the TV.




okay so i have great ideas for this story and i hope you will like it, im  sorry if this isnt an  interesting chapter, but i promise it will get better.

- love you all


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