Life's Twists

The ups and downs of life continue even when you are friends with celebrities. Between the lines of life and death, truths and lies, love and hate. Life can blur the lines and twist emotions.


1. Engagement Party

Emmalee's POV

This is going to be a great night! I thought to myself as I got dressed. Louis was down stairs and I could hear him reading the twins a story. How did I get this lucky to be with him and have a family. Tonight was the night we made our engagement official, it was sort of sad that the paparazzi were going to be there documenting everything we done.

"Your turn to get ready Hun." I said as I walked into the lounge room.

" but it's just getting to the good part" Louis pouted as he put down the book.

"Don't worry I'll finish it. Now go get ready otherwise there will be no good part tonight." I smirked at him. He jumped out of his seat

"Whatever you say madam, I'm at your service" he said as if he was a soldier and kissed my forehead as he passed me. I sat down in between the girls. They were almost asleep I picked them up and put them into their carries so I didn't disturb them when we left.

After about half an hour Louis walked in. Oh my gosh he was super sexy.

"Ready to go love?" He asked

"Yep. Took your time getting ready." I laughed quietly so I didn't wake the girls.

"Well tonight has to be perfect. I love you. You deserve the best." He replied picking up Katy's carrier an taking it to the car. I followed with Heidi's carrier. We drove in silence for a while until Louis broke the silence.

"You alright love?" He asked with concern.

"Yer. Just a bit nervous about all the paparazzi that are gonna be there watching our every move." I said shyly.

"Don't worry I'll make sure they don't bother you." He said as he reached over and held my hand tightly.

"Thanks babe. I just hope that Eleanor can't get in." I said in concern looking to the back seat to see my beautiful angels sleeping peacefully.

"I'm sure security won't let her in babe. Don't worry I'll make sure this night is perfect." He said smiling at me quickly then turning to face the road again. He's so perfect. I can't believe he chose me, of all the girls in the world, to settle down with. This night was going to be perfect.

We walked into the restaurant which Louis had booked out for us. It was so amazing. We got the girls out of the car with paparazzi squirming around us just trying to get a few snaps of the girls. Luckily there were only a few in the actual restaurant and paparazzi had to have a permit to get into the building, thank god! I walked around and greeted everyone stopping occasionally to have a deep conversation with close family and friends. I looked around to see Louis enjoying himself with Harry at the bar. I felt sorry for Harry since he didn't have a girlfriend yet, although it was completely obvious he had a major crush on my bestie Caitlyn. She had a massive crush on him too. But strangely enough neither of them could perceive it possible that the other liked them, oh well I'm not enclosing myself in their drama tonight. This is my night. I could see Caitlyn staring at Harry so I decided to break her concentration I walked up to her and handed her Heidi while I held Katy. We talked about everything she mainly tried to keep the topic off Harry but that was hard for her I could tell. As the conversation went on I realized her face changed to complete shock, I thought it was something to do with Harry but as I turned around I saw Eleanor and Louis kissing and Harry no where to be seen. Jesus, I thought this was going to be the best night ever. Louis didn't even pull away. Within mear seconds I had the girls packed up in the car with tears streaming down my face.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Caitlyn questioned concerned.

"No. Just watch Louis for me. See what him and Eleanor get up to." I said as I got into the car and drive off into the rain.

As I drive through the pouring rain it starts to hail. Why did my night have to be ruined by this? Why didn't he pull away? Does he still love her? Was I a distraction? I'm shaken from my thoughts as Katy starts to cry. I turned my head sharply towards her seat and took one hand off the steering wheel so that I could rock her back to sleep. As I turned to face the road again I saw head lights coming towards me fastly. How do avoid this? Why me? Tonight was meant to be perfect and look how it's turning out. I swerved to the far side of the road just in time and the other car straightened back onto it's side. In shock of what just happened I pulled over to the side of the road and sat there and breathed for a while. As I pulled back onto the road I felt an impact on my side of the car and then I blacked out.

I woke up,three days later, in a hospital room. A nurse walked in.

"Where are my girls?" I asked in complete concern.

She looked down and looked into my eyes with a somber look.

"I'm sorry Ms Tomlinson." She started, I couldn't see this going anywhere good.

"Your girls are in intensive care. They have a lot of scratches and bruises. They will be fine though. Now that you are awake it is safe to organise your operation. You have internal bleeding around your brain. We couldn't operate while you were in a small coma." She said. At least my girls were okay.

"Will I be okay? My girls need me." I said worried.

"There is a small chance you will lose parts of your memory, but other than that you will be fine." She said and walked out the door.

I was being prepared for surgery. Louis came to see me in but I wouldn't let him in instead I begged Caitlyn to come in.

"Tell Louis I love him. Make sure my girls are okay." I said before they sedated me.

After two hours I woke up in the monitoring room.

"Where are my girls?" I asked again.

The doctors seemed surprised to hear me ask about my girls.

"You can see your daughters when we get you back to your room." The doctors replied.

I was escorted in my bed back to my hospital room with Louis sitting there holding both girls in either arm, so adorable.

"Babe." He said.

"Hey Hun. Can I hold the girls?" I replied.

"Sure. Babe I'm sorry about what happened with Eleanor. I didn't kiss her back I swear. Well I did in a way but only because she threatened to hurt you and the girls." He said. Weird. Who is Eleanor?

"Thanks babe. Who is Eleanor?" I quizzed.

"My ex. She has been trying to split us up." He said confused.

"I don't remember." I said.

"Hey beautiful" said a girl walking in with flowers. I turned to Louis,

"Is that Eleanor?" I asked scared.

"No babe. It's Caitlyn, your best friend." He said looking at me concerned.

Caitlyn just smiled but I could tell she wanted to cry. How could I not remember my best friend.

"I'll let you rest. I'll come back another time." She said softly and walked out.

It'd been a few weeks since Caitlyn, I'm pretty sure that was her name, had come in to see me. Louis told me that she'd always check up on how I was doing. It was strange to think that I had forgotten my best friend. Maybe she didn't mean much to me, maybe that's why I forgot her. But she was my best friend how could she mean nothing to me?

My door opened and in came Harry with Caitlyn following closely behind.

"Hazza!" I shouted in excitement. How did I remember him and not her. Were they together? Is that how I met Caitlyn? God why don't I remember anything!?

"Hey" he laughed and gave me a gentle hug.

"This is Caitlyn. Do you remember her?" He asked pulling Caitlyn in front of him.

"I remember her coming in a few weeks ago." I replied saddened that I couldn't remember anything else. Caitlyn's face dropped. She pulled her arm from Harry's grip and ran out of my room. Harry's eyes followed her out the door, he looked back at me.

"I'm sorry. Go get her." I said.

"It's okay love, it's not your fault." He said and walked out quickly. I could see his head turn in every direction. God how come I screw everything up?

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