The Dean (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 6 May 2014
  • Updated: 11 May 2014
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The Dean; Kim is a student at Ohio University and is currently working part-time. She meets Dean Ambrose who was happened to be a customer at Kim's registration line. When she meets Dean Ambrose again at the gym, they kick it off with a good start, but when it came that Ambrose is also a college student at Ohio University, things took a different turn. Kim just got dumped by Randy Orton, Dean gets his chance and when he and Kim goes to a party, things took a different route for the two. Kim and Randy soon gets back, but when Kim finds out she's pregnant, she gets torn between Randy and Dean. Will Randy fight to keep Kim or will he go against her to get an abortion? Will Dean take his responsibility or will he also go against Kim and tell her to get an abortion?


12. Where Have You Been My Whole Life?

Dean: Alright, I'm gonna go home, I think Kim's gonna be out in a bit. 

Seth: Alright, well see you tomorrow. 

Dean: Alright. *leaves* 

Kim: *parks in the driveway* 

Dean: *watching tv* 

Kim: *opens the door* Hey. *smiles* I'm home. 

Dean: Hey beautiful, how was work? 

Kim: It was great, a lot of people noticed and congratulated me. *smiles and sits next to dean* 

Dean: *laughs* Did they? 

Kim: Yeah, it was great to be spotlighted for the day. 

Dean: You smell pretty. 

Kim: Thanks? 

Dean: *smiles* 

Kim: I'm so glad we're engage, I never thought I would marry a classmate, but so far it's amazing. 

Dean: Never thought I'll get a classmate pregnant, but so far it also has been amazing. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and kisses dean* If we're gonna get married, we're gonna really have to work on engaging and being in love or love eachother and communicate. That's how our relationship's gonna grow. 

Dean: Of course babe, you have to get back to school though. 

Kim: *smiles* I can't, I'm working now, I need money to support me and the baby. 

Dean: I got you two, don't worry babe. 

Kim: Babe? 

Dean: Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Babe's fine. 

Dean: Ok, well when you sale your apartment, you're gonna get the money and then you won't need to work for a while. 

Kim: Yeah, but in case we don't get along, I have a place to stay. 

Dean: We're engaged, we can't leave eachother like it's a girlfriend boyfriend thing. 

Kim: Yeah, you're right, maybe when I sale my apartment, I can quit my job. *fakes a smile* 

Dean: Do you not want to get married? 

Kim: It wasn't my plan, but it already happened. 

Dean: We can still call it off, no one knows besides your co-workers and my friends. 

Kim: No, I want to get married Dean. We're parents and to be great parents, we have to be committed and... 

Dean: In love. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: But are you in love? 

Kim: *sits in silence* 

Dean: I love you, but I don't think I'm in love yet. 

Kim: I don't love you and I'm not in love Dean. 

Dean: *hurt* It's fine because I know you're still in love with Randy. 

Kim: I love Randy Dean, you know that. 

Dean: But has he done anything to appreciate you? 

Kim: He's been my friend for the longest, I can't just forget him. 

Dean: Ok, so like you're having my kid, but you can forget me? 

Kim: I don't know what I want Dean, it's like one minute I'm in love with you and then the next, it's Randy that I really love. 

Dean: We can call off the engagement. 

Kim: Dean, that's the thing, I don't want to. I love you too, but not like that. 

Dean: It's ok, we can just be friends. 

Kim: Friends with a child together? 

Dean: Yeah? I mean you got to at least feel something for me. 

Kim: What do you mean? 

Dean: I mean, if you didn't then you would have had an abortion by now. You feel something for me that's why you are keeping the child. 

Kim: I don't know what I want. 

Dean: You know Roman and Seth once told me, maybe I'm the way I am because I'm scared of love. Maybe I really do love you, just scared to show it and maybe that's how you are with me too. You love me, but you're just scared to love again. 

Kim: *cries* Maybe? 

Dean: *leans over and hugs kim* Just think about it and we'll talk in the morning. *leaves to the room* 

Kim: *sits in silence* 

Dean: Oh, I made dinner if you're hungry. 

Kim: *looks at the kitchen* 

Dean: *leaves* 

(The Next Morning) 

Dean: *turns on the tv* 

Kim: *walks downstairs* Can we talk? 

Dean: Made up your mind or want to argue more? 

Kim: I thought about what you said, I compared you to Randy and you have done way lot more things for me than him and I just want to thank you for it. 

Dean: Ok, is that a yes I'm marrying you or no I'm not. 

Kim: I don't know Dean, I'm still confused, I love Randy and I love you too, but I just can't make up my mind. 

Dean: Well when you know, you can come back home. As of now, you need to get out my house. 

Kim: Yours? 

Dean: It's under my name thank you. 

Kim: Fine. *grabs her keys and leaves* 

Dean: *looks at the door/hurt in anger* 

Seth: What? She left you? 

Dean: I don't know ok! She came home and we had a talk and the next day she just decided to leave. 

Roman: I hate to say this, but you two don't have a connection or love. 

Dean: We will, just watch. 

Seth: Hey, we didn't come over to fight with you. 

Dean: Look man, I thought I had her. I love her, why can't she see that? 

Roman: Maybe she just thinks you're doing this because you're her baby's daddy. 

Dean: Do I need to explain myself more to her that I love her? What can I do to prove to her that I truly love her. 

Roman: What have you done? 

Dean: Besides getting this house and the car, I pretty much said everything. 

Seth: Man, I don't she loves you then. 

Dean: She said she doesn't. 

Roman: I'll talk to her. 

Seth: You? 

Roman: Yeah. Is she working today? 

Dean: How should I know? 

Roman: Didn't you two... 

Dean: No. 

Roman: What the hell Dean. 

Dean: What? 

Roman: I'll find her. C'mon let's go. 

Dean: Am I going? 

Seth: No. 

Dean: Ok. *sits down* 

Kim: *working* 

Roman: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Roman? 

Roman: When are you on break or when are you off work? 

Kim: My break isn't until 6, I'm off at 11. 

Roman: Yeah, that's a little late, um, I'll come back at 5:40. Can we talk? 

Kim: Yeah? About what though? 

Roman: You know. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Yeah, we can talk on my break. I have 30 minutes of break so. 

Roman: Perfect, shouldn't take us that long to talk anyways. 

Kim: Ok. 

Roman: Alright, see you later. *walks off* 

Natalie: Was that your fiancé? He is a very attractive man. 

Kim: No that's not, that's his friend. 

Natalie: Oh? Still a good looking guy. 

Kim: Yeah, he is too. *smiles* 

(Later That Night) 

Roman: *sitting outside* 

Kim: *walks outside* Hey? 

Roman: Can we go somewhere? Or in the car? 

Kim: Um yeah we can go in the car. 

Roman: Ok. 

Kim: So? What's going on? Is Dean ok? 

Roman: Oh he's fine don't worry about him. 

Kim: Good. 

Roman: So tell me how you feel about Ambrose? 

Kim: Ambrose? I told him already. 

Roman: I'm not him, I don't know. Do you love him or no. 

Kim: I don't love him Roman, I love Randy. 

Roman: I know you do, but Dean loves you. 

Kim: How do you know that? 

Roman: I'm his friend, best friend, Seth and I are. He's never been this way, he's a total jerk, and ass, and so far he hasn't been. All he does it talk and talk and talk about you and the baby. It's like he's a changed man. He's not himself anymore. He's matured, he took his time out and time to make the nursery room perfect. He's in love Kim, when he's in love, he's different. Think about it, you would know when you're in love and no one in the world matters. 

Kim: *sits in silence* 

Roman: I know you love him somewhere deep in your heart. If you didn't then you wouldn't be keeping that child. I understand you want a child, but if you really did love Randy, you would have gotten an abortion and started over with Randy. 

Kim: *thinks for a second* 

Roman: Thank about it, does Randy actually love you? Has he done the things Dean done for you? Does he tell you he loves you like he means it? Does he tell you lovey dovey words? Or does he look at you like Dean? I mean I understand you're a very beautiful attractive girl, but none of em looks at you like how Dean does. I believe it's faith with you and him. 

Kim: How is it faith?  

Roman: You two finally talked at the store, then met again at the gym, and now you two are expecting together. Believe that, believe in the Shield. 

Kim: Roman, I love Dean, I'm just scared to love him and scared to be in love again. I don't want to be hurt and, and, and I don't want to be alone at the end. I want to share my life with him and I want him to be a part of my world and our son. I can't tell him how I feel because... *cries* I'm scared. 

Roman: *leans over and hugs kim* It's ok, it's gonna be ok. Dean loves you and he'll understand.  

Kim: You don't know Roman, I don't want to leave him, I don't want to lose him. I don't want another girl to be in his life and I don't want that girl to be in my sons life. 

Roman: If you want, I can talk to him for you. I can tell what you told me to him, except in a different tone of course. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles in tears* You really would do that for me? 

Roman: Yeah. 

Kim: But he told me not to go back unless I made my decision. 

Roman: Then let me tell him first, and then I'll let you know. 

Kim: *cries in happy tears* You're the best friend I ever need Roman, where have you been my whole life? 

Roman: *sits silently* Right here. 

Kim: *stares at roman* 

Roman: *phone rings* Oh that's Dean. *looks at kim* 

Kim: I have to get back to work; you can tell him when you have time. *smiles* Thank you again Roman. *hugs roman* 

Roman: *hugs kim back* 

Kim: *leaves* 

Roman: Hello? *starts the engine* 

Dean: Where are you? 

Roman: I went to see Kim. 

Dean: What she say? 

Roman: A lot.  

Dean: Like? 

Roman: I'll come over, I'm still driving. 

Dean: Ok. 

Roman: Alright. *hangs up* 

Dean: *sits down and panics in heartbeat*

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