The Dean (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 6 May 2014
  • Updated: 11 May 2014
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The Dean; Kim is a student at Ohio University and is currently working part-time. She meets Dean Ambrose who was happened to be a customer at Kim's registration line. When she meets Dean Ambrose again at the gym, they kick it off with a good start, but when it came that Ambrose is also a college student at Ohio University, things took a different turn. Kim just got dumped by Randy Orton, Dean gets his chance and when he and Kim goes to a party, things took a different route for the two. Kim and Randy soon gets back, but when Kim finds out she's pregnant, she gets torn between Randy and Dean. Will Randy fight to keep Kim or will he go against her to get an abortion? Will Dean take his responsibility or will he also go against Kim and tell her to get an abortion?


14. Baby Delivery

(5 Months Later) 

Kim: *having contractions* 

Dean: It's gonna be ok babe, the Dr. is on his way. 

Kim: *in pain* 

Dr. Mason: *strolls kim to the delivery room* 

Dean: *holds kims hand* 

Dr. Mason: *deliving the baby* 

Kim: *screams in pain* 

Dean: *holding kims hand harder* It's ok babe. *goes and looks in the front* 

Kim: *pushing* 

Dr. Mason: *delivers the baby* 

Dean Jr.: *crying* 

Dean: *looks at the baby in shocked* 

Kim: *exhausted* 

Dr. Mason: It's a beautiful boy. 

Dean: *chuckles in shock* Wow. 

Dr. Mason: *hands the baby to dean* 

Dean: Hey little guy. *smiles* 

Kim: *stares at dean* 

Dean: Welcome to the world. Daddy's been waiting for you son. Do you want to hold him? 

Kim: Yeah. *holds dean jr.* Hey son. *smiles softly* Welcome aboard baby. 

Dr. Mason: Do you have a name for him? 

Dean: Yeah it's um... Dean Jr. Ambrose. 

Nurse 3: *writes down the name* Ok. 

Kim: Baby Dean it is. *smiles* 

(The Next Month) 

Kim: Babe, I'm gonna go to class! 

Dean: *sleeping with dean jr.* 

Kim: *walks half way up the stairs* Dean! 

Dean: *hears and walks out the room half asleep* What? 

Kim: *chuckles* I'm gonna go to class, I'll be home later. 

Dean: Ok, if you're gonna go out, don't go too long cause I have a night class. 

Kim: I know I won't babe. 

Dean: *walks to kim and gives her a kiss* See you later. *walks back to the room and closes the door* 

Kim: *smiles and leaves* 

Maryse: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Hey Maryse. 

Maryse: How's the baby? 

Kim: He is great, but he also is an all-nighter. 

Maryse: Really? 

Kim: He cries a lot at night, so I make Dean watch him and then I'll go to class and take notes for him and then at night he'll go to his night class and I'll watch baby. 

Maryse: I can help watch him. 

Kim: No it's ok, we got it. 

Maryse: Ok. 

Brie: Hey guys, congrats on the baby Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Thanks Brie. 

Brie: Bryan and I want to come by later is that ok? 

Kim: Actually you can, but I'll just be me home. Dean has night class. 

Brie: Oh that's fine then. Did you want us to come when he's home? 

Kim: It doesn't matter. 

Brie: Ok, we'll come by later. 

Kim: Ok. 

Brie: Alright, I'm gonna go to class. 

Roman: Where's Dean? 

Kim: He's watching our son, I'm gonna attend for the both of us. 

Seth: Hard work now huh? 

Kim: Well he'll be here for his night class. We're planning on taking turn to come to this class. *chuckles* 

Roman: Yeah, a newborn is a lot of work. 

Kim: It is, I am like so worn out. 

Roman: But it's ok, it's been a month and you two are doing perfectly fine. 

Kim: Yeah. 

(Later That Night) 

Nicole: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Brie: Hey. 

Kim: Oh hey guys, come in. 

Dean: *grabs his bag* I have to go, I'll see you in a few hours. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: *kisses kim real quick* I love you. 

Kim: Love you too babe. 

Dean: *leaves* 

Brie: Wow you two seem to love eachother more than ever. 

Kim: *smiles* Dean's an incredible guy, I love him, he's amazing. 

Brie: He looks like a great guy to you. 

Kim: I thought you said Bryan was coming? 

Brie: I know, but I made Nikki come instead. 

Nikki: Why you don't want me here or what? 

Kim: *laughs* I wouldn't care if you come or not. 

Nikki: So when's the big day? 

Kim: We've been so busy that we haven't even thought of a date yet or planned what we need. 

Brie: Oh my gosh Kim! Let me and Nikki babysit, you and Dean can go shopping. 

Kim: Yeah, but we're not ready to tie the knot yet. 

Nikki: Wait, you two are having second thoughts? 

Kim: No? Not that I know of. 

Brie: I was about to say. 

Nikki: Well where's the baby? 

Brie: Yeah, where is he? 

Kim: He's in his room. 

Brie: I'm gonna go see. 

Kim: Ok. 

Nikki: Me too. 

Kim: *washes the bottles* 

Brie: Where is his room? 

Nikki: I don't know, check that room. 

Brie: *walking down the stairs* Kim! Where is he? 

Kim: He should be in his room. 

Brie: Where is his room I mean. 

Kim: Oh. *laugsh* Go in my closet, there should be a door on your left. The clothes are blocking it. 

Brie: What the hell. Ok. *walks back to the room* He's in the closet. 

Nikki: What?! 

Brie: Through the doors. 

Nikki: What doors? *opens the closet door* What the hell Kim? *opens the door* 

Brie: *gasp* This is such a cool room. Nicole, look at him, he is precious. 

Nikki: Aw, hurry up and have one with Bryan. 

Brie: I am. 

Nikki: *holds dean jr.* 

Kim: *walks up to the room* 

Brie: This is actually a good idea. You guys can actually stay safe in this room. 

Kim: I know right. It was all Dean's idea. 

Nikki: Wow, what a creative man he is Kim. He should be giving you some more action in bed. 

Kim: Nicole! 

Nikki: *laughs* 

Brie: Nicole that is so wrong, just because you and John do it doesn't mean the whole world has to do it too. 

Kim: *chuckles* It's ok. 

Bryan: *calls brie* 

Brie: Hello? 

Bryan: Are you coming yet? 

Brie: We just got here. 

Bryan: Well I want you home now. 

Brie: Ok. Nicole, we have go. 

Nikki: Already? 

Brie: Yeah. 

Kim: It's ok, maybe you and John can come another time. And you and Bryan can come another time. 

Brie: Yeah. Ok, thanks for having us over, we'll come another time. *hugs kim* 

Nikki: *hugs kim* Yeah, thank you for letting us come see baby D. 

Kim: *chuckles* Baby D? Ok Nicole. 

Nikki: Walk us out. 

Kim: Yeah. *walks nikki an brie out*

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