Don't Cheat on Me

Amber is an unfortunate girl that is constantly cheated on by her boyfriends. Up steps a confident and hot guy, who decides to teach her how to never be cheated on again. His sharp tongue... His sensual touch... It's an erotic lesson she'll never forget! And so she begins her romantic journey with her new love coach, Drake.


5. Too Much

"I say, Miss. Howel... Shall we celebrate with some champaign?" I giggle as he extends his arm, i grab a hold and we walk down the hallway drunk from laughter. "Hey, i got word that Emma was going to have an after party. Wanna crash it?" Drake hold up his car keys and jiggle it a little, already knowing what my answer was going to be.

When we made it outside, I waited for Drake because he went to get his car. As i was waiting i felt someone approach me; it was Greg, and he looked picture perfect. A sour tasted formed in my mouth and i feel my face distort into disgust, but only for a second.

"So, you new right? I haven't seen you around at all and to be able to wear that Valentino dress... you must be pretty special. What's your name babe?" He flashed one of his killed grins and looked at me with bright blue eyes, but i've fallen for that trick one too many time.

"Oh me? I'm just a girl that was recently... scouted. I dont think someone of your level should be bothering with me Mr. Rosenbeck, but i have to say. You're as good looking as they say you are!" I smile sweetly, it seemed like he didnt know who i was at the moment. So i did what every other girl would, I started playing with him.

"Baby please, Mr. Rosenbeck is some old guy out there. You can call me Daddy G, or Greg. You know whatever's cooler." He reached out and twirled my hair, "You look really familiar... Have you been in a commercial with me before? Like maybe an extra?"

"Oh no, I've never met you in person before," I lied. "But anyways, dont you have a girlfriend? Are you sure it's okay to be with me right now?" I gently grab his hand and lower it. Looking around, i realize no one else was around; but from the corner of my eye i can vaguely see Drake. Sitting in his car, and silently laughing to himself; i guess he wanted to see how i handled things with this asswipe.

"Oh no, I'm a free man. There's no time in my schedule for a girlfriend right now, but i can probably make some room if it's you." Figures, of course he would say that. This is coming from a guy who is the lowest of the low. 

"Well I'm glad, but we've just met! Lets talk again some more later. Maybe we can be friend first?" I step away and give a little wave, "I'll see you around..." and proceeded to run towards Drakes car in 7 inch heels.

The door slams shut after i get in and was greeted with loud laughter. I just stare but it wasn't like he didnt have a the right to laugh, i mean he did. it was funny as fuck but it kinda annoyed me how he just left me there.

"I'll see you around~" Drake says in his most sultry voice before continuing to laugh, I quickly smack his arm to get him to stop; but it only made him laugh even harder.

"Hey now, hey! I thought we were going to crash this girl's party, why are we still here?" I yell while i'm hitting him.

"You still wanna go? Greg's gonna be there, wouldn't you seem desperate?" My fists freeze in mid air, he was right. Today was already so eventful, maybe it was better to just rest for the rest of the day. "We could just go on a joy ride then and get drunk out of our minds." I smile, It was like Drake had read my mind. "Well alright, lets get wasted! Oh btw, I have some clothes in the back if you wanna change. Getting wasted in that dress would be a waste..." He motioned his head to the back and pulled out a bag with clothes. 

"Wow, someone came prepared. And we only met last night too." I raise my eyebrows but he only shrugged.

"Well to be fair, you let me fuck you after 10 minutes" He grinned and began poking my side.

"I guess we can get to know each other more tonight!" I reached in and grabbed the clothes out as Drake clapped his hands and skidded away.


The next morning, I was woken up by the throbbing in my head. I looked over and saw Drake staring back at me through squinted eyes. 

"Boop" He reached over and poked the tip of my nose. I stared at him as I try to comprehend what was going on, I looked around. We were in his room, and we were both naked; but at this point i didnt even care anymore. I just wanted to know what happened last night because i noticed there was blood on the sheets and there was a tattoo of a crown on my hip. I traced my hand over the tattoo and realized i was wearing a hospital bracelet.

"Drake, what the fuck happened last night!" I pushed him away and fumbled out of bed, landing on my ass. He quickly got up and shushed me, his hair was messy and there were bite marks on his shoulders.

"The doctor says if you move around too much, your head could um," He hesitated and tugged on his hair,"It could do something... and its not a good thing. Shit! I'm so stoned right now... do you remember what happened last night? Because i only remember your fight and the hospital. oh and that sex we had last night, do you see this? You're a fucking animal. You were literally trying to eat me." Drake fell on his back and sprawled his limbs out, "Oh my god, i'm so high..." I sat there with my mouth gapped open, i quickly climbed back onto the bed and patted his head.

"Please remember; if there's something wrong with my head, i need to know. So you need to sleep, and recover your memories." He swats my hands away and rolls over.

"Don't you think I know that? Can you get me some water or something cuz i'm seriously tired and it seems like your the only one capable of doing things right now..." I nodded and quickly ran towards the kitchen. My head throbbed harder the more i tried to remember last night events, I handed Drake the cup and laid down with him.

"Hey you need to remember soon, i swear to god... or at least bring me to the hospital later, ok?" Drake grunts but a bad feeling was over coming me.  





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