Don't Cheat on Me

Amber is an unfortunate girl that is constantly cheated on by her boyfriends. Up steps a confident and hot guy, who decides to teach her how to never be cheated on again. His sharp tongue... His sensual touch... It's an erotic lesson she'll never forget! And so she begins her romantic journey with her new love coach, Drake.


4. Runway

I blinked, i remembered the night before that he was good looking; but after a closer look, i realized he was drop dead gorgeous. maybe 10 or even 20 times better looking than Greg, i opened my mouth and began to stutter. the words would not come out, he chuckles and pushes a strand of loose hair behind my ear. 

"Today, we are going to Emma Ford's celebration party. She's an aspiring new model, Greg's new honey... or so my intel tells me." He steps back and motions for some girls to come over so they can start applying makeup, "We're gonna get some revenge. You're gonna outshine Miss Sunshine, America's new beauty. I heard there's gonna be a runway and she's going to be wearing Versace's newest dress, It's supposed to be the dress of the century." i watched as he walked around making hand gestures and occasionally smiling to himself. His smirk grew wider as one of the girls put the finishing touches on my face. He dismisses them and holds out his hand, "Strip." My eyes widen in horror as he grabs the dress and tears a piece off revealing my chest.

My struggling did nothing against him, he's was really strong, I couldn't even push him off. Then when my dress was torn to shreds he gracefully manages to slip on a new dress as i begin to stop struggling. I was against the wall, panting as i slid down to the floor. Then, I suddenly felt his lips on my forehead; Drake lifts me up and places me in front of the mirror. Even though we were wrestling, my hair and make up were still perfectly fine and my new dress was breath taking. It was a long and red off shoulder dress that had a flowing silk skirt. There was also a slit along my right leg that went up to my thigh and a black belt that tied together as a droopy bow around my waist. The sleeves were fitting but began to widen as they reached my wrist, it had a black cuff that gradually disperse into what looked like black petals. Drake pulled my face over in his direction and inserted a pin into my hair, it looked like i was wearing a kimono, the pin he put in my hair made it look even better. He bent down to put on new shoes for me then he took my hand and led me into the elevator.

We made it to the top of the hotel and when the doors opened I felt everybody's eyes hover towards me. Drake offered his arm and when i hooked mine with his, he took a step into the room and towards the crowd.

"She's wearing the Valentino dress thats was supposed to be release next year!"

"She's pretty..."

"Who's that?"

"What the fuck? Who does she think she is?"

Hushed whispers filled the room as we got closer to the runway. Drake took me backstage and two girls came over to touch up my face.

"You're number 14, you will go on before Ms. Ford and after Ms. Tobias. We are on model 10 so there are still 4 more girls, please be ready." One of them quickly informs me before scurrying off to touch up some other girl.

Drake comes over and puts his hand on my shoulder, "Make sure you confidently show off your body, Greg will be in the crowd." He smiles, "Make him regret dumping you, hey maybe if we're lucky you can even dump some wine on him."

"Ms. Howel! You're next!" I stand up and nod to Drake. Good luck! He mouths while giving me two thumbs up. I inhale, the world around me seems to slow down as i take my first step onto the aisle. My ears rang and my eyes were stunned but i kept a straight face and kept walking anyways; the runway almost looked like it stretched, like the end was getting farther away. Then when i finally made it to the end to pose, i felt my heart skip a beat. Greg was there sitting in the front row carefully examining me, eyeing me up and down. I swallowed and smiled slightly, giving my most confident pose, before swiveling around and walking back.

My heart thumped loudly against my rib cage, but it felt good. I felt like i won something, i almost made it back stage when i looked over over and saw Emma. She didn't look too well, almost like she was nervous about something. I gave her a small grin and made back, but that was before I heard a loud thud. I turned around and saw that Emma had face planted herself on the aisle; everyone was quiet, only the sound of the loud music in the background remained. She quickly got up only the fall down again before taking her first step, she struggled to make it to the end.

I could hear Drake's faint laughter behind me, I turned around to see him holding back laughter with tears at the verge of overflowing. I couldn't help but let a few giggles escape; I grabbed his arm and we both ran out, crying with laughter when we got to somewhere private.

"How was it?" Drake asked betweens pants of laughter.

I fell to the ground, weak from laughing so hard, "Exciting!" 

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