Don't Cheat on Me

Amber is an unfortunate girl that is constantly cheated on by her boyfriends. Up steps a confident and hot guy, who decides to teach her how to never be cheated on again. His sharp tongue... His sensual touch... It's an erotic lesson she'll never forget! And so she begins her romantic journey with her new love coach, Drake.


1. I Did It Again

I thought he was different, he looked at me lovingly and he spoiled me silly. He would text me in the morning and surprise me with breakfast. I mean sure, sometime he would cancel dates five times in a row, but he's a model. He's always busy, but this is a new situation for me. This is something way out of the line. It all started when i was 12, the ripe age of puberty...

I remembered it was a sunny day and i was on the playground, talking to my friends. Then Dave came up to me and asked me to follow him to the picnic tables. Of course, i looked over to my friends to ask for help but they excitedly nodded their heads and urged me to follow him. Let me just say, Dave was a pretty good looking guy, even in the middle of puberty, he was better looking that the other guys in school. so i followed him to the picnic tables and he gave me a daisy. Then he said he liked me and stole my first kiss; since i was 12 at that time, i kinda panicked, but i stood there and took it like a woman. then he stepped back and asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course, i said yes.

Fast forward a couple months, Dave and I are doing fine. Puberty was nice to me and i developed a nice pair of tits pretty quickly, but god damn did it hurt like a motherfucker. My face was clear and my curves kicked in. Dave's family also really liked me and we would always go over to each other's houses. It was nice, then one day my friend told me she saw Dave holding hands with another girl. I didn't believe her at first, but she wasn't the type to lie; so i did what any girl would. I stalked that ass like no tomorrow, and i realized... she was right. I saw Dave holding hands and sharing an ice cream cone with Liz White, the prettiest girl a grade above us. It was my first heart break so i didn't know how to react, but all i can say is that i gained 5 pound, eating sweets. It was a mutual break up, we didn't exactly said we broke up, but Dave found out i knew and we just stopped seeing each other.

Then I turned 14, i decided to give love another chance because i entered middle school. I thought maybe the boys were nicer and more mature now and then i met Andrew. He was tall and he played football, he also happened to live a few streets down from my house so we bumped into each other occasionally. He asked me out on a date and I accepted then he asked to to be his girlfriend and i accepted that too. The relationship between us didn't last that long though, I caught him making out with one of the cheerleaders after i decided to surprise him at his practice game. I was kinda half assed about our relationship anyways so i made up a lie and said we should just be friends. Couple days later i see him sucking the poor girl's face off by the lockers. guess he wasn't a good kisser.

I managed to recover pretty quickly and went out with 4 more boys through out my middle school days, and you guess it they all cheated on me again. One lasted a year, I caught him making out with some girl. Another lasted a couple months, I caught him cuddling with one of my friends. The next one lasted 6 weeks, I caught him getting a blowjob from the math teacher and he was enjoying it. The fourth one lasted a whole school year, but i ended up walking in on him having sex in his room with Liz. The same Liz, that took away Dave 2 years ago. you can imagine i was quite horrified, The god damn bitch kept rearing her ugly head and taking my men.

Fast forward a few more years, lots more boyfriends, and lots more heartbreaks. Now Im 21, and i happen to meet the most gorgeous guy on campus. Greg Rosenbeck, part time model who was also majoring in medicine. It was love at first sight, we began going steady for 2 years; let me remind you, i thought he was the one. I THOUGHT he was, he bought me gifts and listened to all my petty demands. Today was out 2 year anniversary, so he took me out to dinner. Then he took me to a suit in the most luxurious hotel and striped me. Don't get me wrong, I was totally prepared to let this boy take my virginity; even if i got pregnant at least my baby will be pretty. So there i was naked in front of him, he was kissing me and caressing my body. The the doorbell rang and a voice called out, "Greeeeeeeeeeg~ Baby, I've come to get you~" 

That was 5 minutes earlier; right now, im cold. Instead of being in a warm bed, making love with my boyfriend; i was kicked out onto the balcony, completely naked for the whole god forsaken world to see. How did this happen you ask? I just have the worst luck with men, someone just kill me now. I'll give you cookies.

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